Speed Trap?

There's a bit of a brouhaha brewing in the City of Chicago over the conversion of Red Light Cameras near schools to include speed sensing.

Now I don't live in the city, nor do I drive there very much anymore. But that said, I still don't understand the issue. First of all, I'm not sure that a lot of the controversy isn't, in fact, being manufactured by the media. Secondly, just as Red Light Cameras won't, under normal circumstances, be a bother to those who obey the law, speed sensing cameras won't be an issue for those who obey the law.

It's just that simple.

Non-speeders shouldn't, under normal circumstances, have any worry over the presence of speed sensing cameras.

The media is reporting that there is concern The Mayor will extend the presence of those speed sensing cameras to a larger extent of the city, given that a recent law passed by the State of Illinois will allow the presence of more cameras in more areas.

If that's true, the same logic applies. If you don't speed - if you obey the law - you ain't got nuthin' to worry about. Ain't it?



Audubon Ron said...

High Tech revenue generators.

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Amy L said...

I've heard that these cameras may be faulty and victims have won in court against wrongful fines.