Monday Meanders 10-10

Bears play tonight. Cross your fingers. xxxxxxxxx

We are creeping up on Halloween. (Pun intended) Trick or Treaters. Candy by the handful. Little ghosts and goblins, pirates, superheroes - the whole nine yards. Now to decide what I will 'be' for Halloween.

I'm hoping that the weather will hold out for one more week - #2 Son and I have a chance to play golf this coming Sunday. Cross your fingers again. xxxxxxxxxx

I'm putting a bike up on Craigslist today. 60 bucks. Cross your fingers again. xxxxxxxxxx

LM (Love Muffin) comes home from her trip to Missouri tonight. She spent a loooooong weekend with her sister. Cross your fingers again. :) xxxxxxxxx

As long as I have you crossing your fingers, I think I'll play the lottery tonight.



Jientje said...

Fingers crossed!

Shadow said...

done! hope your day's as cheerful as this post!!!

~L said...

da Bears have their work cut out for them tonight! The Lions are progressively improving and our blue and orange are special teams alone, again. I may watch the game at a local bar with the Detroit fans...last time I did so was the first meeting in 2009 when we "hurt" Stafford and the refs called a chitown kinda game. I almost lost my life at the hands of a drunk old man with sore loser written on his forehead. Play on!

Beardown MNF!

Grandmother said...

All Hallow's Eve here is about visiting and the decorating the graves of family members. Good luck.

PattiKen said...

Good luck. (But, shhh - whispering - I don't think all those crossed fingers are going to help much with the lottery. It's stubborn that way.)