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Normally I respond to the 100 Word Challenge on Thursdays. It appears, now, that the site has been totally hijacked. I'm waiting to hear back from her. Fingers crossed.

Okay. A piece of advice from a Technologist.
Amazon just announced lower prices on some of their stuff - and a new piece - the Kindle Fire.
The Fire is a 7" Tablet running Android - most likely, 2.3.4 Gingerbread. I am of the opinion that in the tablet market, smaller is not necessarily better. The iPad is the standard - smaller than the standard? I dunno ...

If it was me, buying my first one - I'd get the $79 one with the ads that play when you're not reading. Without the ads it's $109. Still - pretty nice and you pretty much know what you're getting.

Way more than 100 Words.

The weather has held me in, again. No riding yesterday - but I did fix that flat tire and the Roadmaster MT Storm is ready to roll once the weather clears to the point I can test ride the bike. I find I hate it when I can't ride. It truly is addictive.


UPDATE: It seems the problem with Velvet's site is in MY browser - I tried it with a different browser and there was no problem. I'm running a virus/malware scan on my system, now, to find and eliminate the offending code installed somewhere in my Mac. Mea Culpa.


Jientje said...

We went out for a bike ride too this weekend, when suddenly my back tire exploded. I then walked to the nearest village, (I was lucky, it was not far) while Ivan rode off to get the car to pick me up again. It's an old bike, and it's not worth it anymore to buy (two) new tires for it, so I'm getting a new one instead! Biking is going to be so much more fun with that new bike!

Big Mark 243 said...

I mentioned somewhere that I would likely try to purchase the older kindle that I would even worry about the new what's happenin'...

I will REALLY explore the Omaha metro in the spring... getting used to the hills this year..! Enjoy your travels...