It's about those lies

As most readers who have been here a while will know, I don't usually go to Politics or Religion, here. Because everybody's right is someone else's wrong. It's never been my aim to do anything but entertain a little. Educate a little. Distract a little. But not push what I believe onto anyone else.


There are two things I've come across lately that are sticking in my craw - and if I had more facts and could do more attribution, I would go into greater detail - but as it is, all I can say here is this is what I saw and heard yesterday - and if the first thing is true, I'm outraged - and if the second thing is true, it only goes to support what I've felt all along - if you repeat a lie often enough, you may actually start to believe it.

Yesterday I heard on NPR (and then did a Google search and READ) that the Republicans don't want the Economy to get better NOW. It was said - some Republican political aide said - "Why give this guy a win? We've got him on the ropes."

There is something seriously wrong with the politics of this country if the politicians are more concerned with their Party's political goals and gains than the good of the American people. There are people who need jobs NOW - who are losing homes - who are not taking needed medicines - who can't send their kids to school beyond high school - who are having trouble putting food on the table to feed those kids - because they don't have jobs. They don't want or need jobs in 2012. They need and want jobs NOW.

The second thing is this - the Republican say that "Tax Cuts mean more jobs". History would counter that claim. First of all, the Rich already have major tax cuts in place - as do Corporations. Where are the jobs? The jobs are in the TWO TRILLION DOLLARS currently sitting in Corporate coffers - money they won't spend because of the political climate - money which could be spent to give people jobs and stimulate the Economy. After all, the major driving force behind the American Economy is the spending power of the American Worker. When people are working, they're spending money - on houses, cars, restaurants, clothes, trips, schools and food - putting people everywhere to work.

But as to history?

I grew up in the 50's. EVERYBODY was working. The economy grew at an amazing pace. The highest tax rate, during all that time of high employment and economic growth, was 70%. SEVENTY PER CENT. And somehow, the Rich survived. Corporations paid higher taxes, too. No major corporation ever went out of business from paying its taxes.

If you put people to work, tax revenues go up and the National Debt becomes a smaller percentage of the Gross National Product and, therefore, easier to handle. But people have to be put to work. The Republicans want smaller government? Laid off Teachers, Policemen and Firefighters, Fema workers, and Government Clerical Staff are not the answer - but that's what the Republicans would give us. More unemployment.

Please. If I can see all this, why can't anybody else?


p.s. I'm sorry about the disjointed nature of this post - but this is very "off the top of my head" - and I really don't want to go back and edit this for clarity of thought - because the more I think about it, the more it pisses me off.


Tara R. said...

Being a Republican, I can assure you I didn't make either one of these statements, nor agree with them. I also believe I'm not alone in feeling that there is plenty of blusterous rhetoric going around from unofficial spokespeople from both parties.

PattiKen said...


Miss Ash Tuesday said...

I *heart* your political rants.

Common sense is not practical, and our parties are more concerned with themselves than the greater good.

Which is sad.

I try to be reasonable and rational when it comes to politics, but the more I understand, the more I realize that what we're doing now is broken.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I am party neutral. I think most politicians begin government work with the thought that THEY will be the one to make a difference and not be corrupted, only to find that in order to MAKE a difference, they HAVE to play the corruption game. And then the cycle continues. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just be out in the open with everything? Eliminate the silly laws, just for a year or so, and just stop giving raises and bonuses to the higher ups, just for a YEAR OR SO, and see what a difference that makes?

Big Mark 243 said...

The reason you feel disjointed (because the post is not) is the sheer illogical nature of the talking points, especially on the right.

It was proven long ago as recently as the Reagan years that trickle-down economics does not work. The rich keep their money as do not let it recirculate and keep the economy moving. There is enough yelling and shouting over non-essential items and demonization of policy that helps the working class and the poor.

In Wisconsin, people were told that teacher were overpaid when 10 years ago they were seen as underpaid and I found that inexplicable. With Rand Paul being willing to let someone die (his response to the Wolf Blitzer health insurance question) drawing the applause that it did, along with Rick Perry's death count, you have to wonder how long will it be before society in America collapses into a black hole?

Ross Perot was correct about the 'big sucking sound' created by NAFTA... not just because it was directly responsible but along with the EEU, it has turn the West into a 'second world society' as there is an elite class, a thinning, stressed middle class, and a smoldering vat of an underclass... scavenging for a lifestyle that in a few generations (if that) will be lost to memory...

It is hard to see where people would allow this to happen. It isn't that anyone would have to be enlightened... the re-writing of history and how you educate that is going on in Texas is a prime example of what I mean. That Congressperson Bachmann and former Gov. Palin are taken seriously despite their lack of 'average intelligence' is a most distressing sign to me of the direction of our national society. I always wondered what it would take for the fall of civilization as I grew up with and I see the manipulation of the media as the key to the process.

I could go on... but I better stop... might start getting circular and taking away from my own comment..!