It was Whimsy

The 100 Word Challenge Word for this week was 'Whimsy' - and I just seemed to run out of it this week. I tried and tried and nothing I tried seemed to touch my Muse - or maybe, in a whimsical touch of the perverse, my Muse refused to touch it and left me here ... begging. Wanton wench.

I picked up a couple of new bikes - well, really old bikes, actually - that were cluttering up the garage of a friend. He gave them to me because he knew I was biking, riding, and restoring old bikes to service.

Speaking of biking and riding - I am amazed at how my legs feel, suddenly, when I walk. Light and strong, like I could go all day. It's because of all the riding I've been doing lately. Who knew I'd feel this good this fast?

Anyway, Bruce (that's his name) gave me a red women's AMF Cherokee 10 speed of late 1970's or early 1980's vintage, and a blue men's Murray Spectra 10 speed of mid 1970's vintage. The Spectra has some really "70's" looking decals on it. It really is funky.

I ran air into them and test rode - both bikes seem mechanically sound, but brakes need adjusting and the derailers probably need adjusting on both bikes - they haven't been ridden in 25 years. In fact, the woman's bike was barely ridden at all - it was purchased for his daughter when she was in high school and not long after, she got her first car. The bike got forgotten.

Anyway, I'm going to let them sit for 24 hours to make sure the tires hold air and then I'll start the process of cleaning them up and getting them ready to sell/give away/whatever. Sell, I think - they're too funky to just give away.



Grandmother said...

Too bad shipping to Italy is prohibitive. Sounds like a fun ride. I'm glad for you that you're feeling good already. It took me longer when I started t run to have that good feeling kick in. Actually, the day I was going to quit (at the end of my run) is the day I started to enjoy it. Now I love it and can't imagine my life without running. Keep biking and your mantra will come true!

Tara R. said...

Have you found a new love - restoring vintage bikes? It's good to hear you so enthusiastic about riding. Maybe your Muse needs to get back in the saddle with you.