Hybrid and/or Jumbo

I called #3 Son at about 8:30pm, thinking he would have been out of class for some time.

Him: You obviously don't have my schedule.

Me: Why? What?

Him: Because if you did, you'd see I'm scheduled to be in class until 10:00pm.

Me: Okay. So why aren't you in class?

Him: Because lectures are shorter - this is a hybrid class, not a jumbo.

Me: ??? (Or, in language we can all understand ... WTF?)

I guess I've been out of school WAY too long.



Grandmother said...

I wouldn't have a clue.

Tara R. said...

I've been out of school for a while too... never heard of either a hybrid or jumbo.

Julie said...

Last night I dropped my son off at Rock Cut State Park for his environmental bio lab. Supposed to be 2 hours long. I drove the 25 minutes back to my house...and he called about 15 minutes later, ready to be picked up.

I know when I was a student I was thrilled when class was short or cancelled, now that I am paying the tuition, I want my money's worth.

Holly said...

Me too. Never heard of a jumbo.

Julie said...

Thanks for the kind note on my blog...we really do need to meet up for coffee sometime.

As for what Illinois has or don't has...I will happily take the hot humid, the one day spring, the ridiculous cold, the spiders like crazy, because it means I get Chicago and shopping and museums and stores and gorgeous rolling farmland and apples from local orchards and family close by and Madison and Minneapolis and more museums and people like you!

PattiKen said...