Black Hole On Earth

Narrator on TV Show on The History Channel: "Scientists will test this theory by creating tiny black holes here, on Earth."

Voice in the Kitchen: "Oh, THAT'S a good idea."

Kid's too smart for his own good.

And no, the Earth isn't going to disappear down some recently manufactured black hole - the black holes will be so small ( in terms of mass ) that they will evaporate almost instantly, in a small (microscopic) explosion.

He goes back to school on Friday. A college junior. His major, now, is Computer Science. Thankfully. CS is going to give him a far better chance at gainful employment, when he's done with school, than his original choice for his major, Japanese.

Now, if only the Lottery would do their bit and kick in with funds.



Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Japanese? Hmmm. Interesting choice.

Black holes for the fun of it? Awesome. Sounds like every SciFi end of the world movie's introduction...

Tara R. said...

Creating mini black holes would be more fun than blowing up liter bottles of Coke with Mentos.

(my word verification was: zinger) Coincidence? I think not!