Monday Meanders 8-8

Cubs lost, yesterday. 8-7. That, after a 7 game win streak. Time to start a new one.


Preparations are in high gear for our trip to Arizona. We leave Thursday night and we'll drive straight through to Scottsdale for an afternoon checkin on Saturday.


Grannie is doing okay in the Rehab joint. That said, she will get her way, although I expect that staff there deal with stubborn little old ladies all the time and they'll know how to handle her.


Preparations are complete at work so that I can be gone for 7 business days. Here's hoping nothing breaks while I am gone.


Little Abigail has responded to surgery remarkably well. That said, she still has a long and uphill climb, and for her I am




PattiKen said...

Scottsdale, with an afternoon check-in. Time share? I've got to say, I'm not at all jealous. I'd be trapped indoors by the 100+ degree heat. I hope you have a great time despite the heat. You're not thinking golf, are you???

I'm glad to hear that Abigail responded well to her surgery. The little one obviously has some fight in her. It'll serve her well, I'm sure.

Joyce-Anne said...

I'm glad Abigail got through the surgery however, my thoughts and prayers are still with your family, Grannie and Abigail.

Big Mark 243 said...

I am going to piggy-back on the well wishes for Grannie and Abigail. That is a long drive (for someone with nothing to think about)! Hope it relaxes you... I miss that the most about being able to drive, the adventure and the relaxation of just rollin', rollin', and rollin'!

Enjoy yourself and your company!!

Tara R. said...

Hopefully Arizona will be an antidote for all that anxiety. Have a safe trip. Try to enjoy the downtime.