Monday Meanders 8-1

Cubs won, finally, after losing 5 in a row. BFD.

Grannie had her surgery last Friday - this one seems a bit tougher than the last one - but once she's back on her feet, it should be easier for her to get around. I expect she'll be a while getting home, though. No more knitting for a while. But she IS on the mend.

Baby Abigail has been diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome. Like many "syndromes", there is a spectrum - some are lightly touched, others more profoundly so. WE don't know ,at this point, just where she will be on the specturm, but the Septal hole in her heart and the Disconnected Aortal Arch are both associated with DiGeorge. DiGeorge is one of the Chromosomal Deletion syndromes. Prayers are being said - which is all anyone can do right now.

I was able to do some small engine repair over the weekend. We have a Troy-Bilt Tomahawk Junior Chipper/Shredder and it sat in the shed for the last couple of years. The carburetor got all gummed up. I took it apart, cleaned it up, put it back together and it ran. Cool. Now I'll be able to make my own wood chip ground cover. Also cool.

All I have to do now is take out a second mortgage to buy the gas to run the chipper.



Big Mark 243 said...

Had to Wiki DiGeorge syndrome... I will say a prayer for Abigail...

Tara R. said...

Saying more prayers for Abigail and her family.