Wonderful Lunch - BUT

I had a wonderful lunch, yesterday, with Heather Eaton, who had driven up here from the town in central Indiana where she lives. (She went "Private" some time ago and I don't really want to link to her here nor do I want to expose any more information than is really necessary - out of respect and care about her and her desire to remain "Private".) All I can say is ... she looks wonderful.

The BUT is that I can't get MY computer back until tomorrow - therefore, I'm not publishing the picture I took of her until then.

But the two hours we sat and talked were marvelous. Next time? It'll be MY turn to travel. And I will.



Big Mark 243 said...

Looking forward to seeing what Heather looks like... if I knew what was in Des Moines... anywho, that is soo much cart in front of the horse..!

Are the Cubbies winning..? What makes one a Cubs fan v. White Sox..? I never got the history as to why a person would cheer for one team and not the other...

Jientje said...

I just know you had a wonderful time!
I'll bet time went by way too fast!