GCBM Comin' UP!

Yes, there are so many things going on - so much to do and only so much time available to get those things done.arranged and sorted.

This coming Saturday I have to run up to Milwaukee to deliver something - and then be back here, "in the area", in time to have lunch with Heather Eaton - who is driving up from Indianapolis that day.


It's time to start beating the drum for the Greater Chicagoland Blogger Meetup - "Not Going to BlogHer" edition. It looks as though it will be Friday, the 5th of August, at 6pm, at Pinstripes in South Barrington.

Details later. Watch Twitter. And Facebook. And Google+. We will cover ALL those bases.

P.S. I am seriously lovin' G+. It has some REALLY nice features that FB fell down on a long time ago. It will be the subject of a post in the near future - once I get my feet wet and familiar.

Stay cool, y'all.



Big Mark 243 said...

Looking forward to the Google+ entry... I am still kind of lost.

Sounds like a full weekend. Enjoy yourself!

PattiKen said...

Have fun1

loraine said...

Google+ is awesome. Circle me sometime.