T-ooze Day

I was at Melisa's book signing yesterday, in Naperville, IL. I stopped on my way home from work. I was there EARLY. I bought the first book - or, at least the first book that was purchased at the signing. Or, at least mine was the first Twenty to get broken for a book. ANYWAY. I was there and I bought my copy of "Chicken in the Car and the Car Won't Go", by Melisa Wells. Autographed and everything.

If you saw my Sunday post, it's in the middle of a major re-write which will have to come out as a 'tweener' post so I don't disturb my schedule. It was written for The 10th Daughter of Memory as an entry and the edited effort will be a second entry. I don't usually go back and do re-writes - but I was given some critiques by people whose opinion I respect so I though I'd give it a whack. Watch for it, if you're interested - either on the 10th Daughter site or here. I know I'M totally wondering what the rewrite is going to look like.



Melisa with one S said...

You beat us all there! :)
Thanks so much for coming!!

PattiKen said...

Hey, Bro. I keep checking, but no revised entry yet. Don't trust what you see on Mr. Linky for time left. It seems to me that it doesn't update very often... I think it expires in about 29 hours.

Big Mark 243 said...

That is cool that you went to support Melissa. Will be looking forward to the re-write and maybe I will learn a thing or two.

Tara R. said...

I'm glad you got to hang out with Melisa. She totally rocks.