Monday Meanders 5-23

Cubs lost. Bulls lost. And the Jesse Stone movie on CBS last night (at the SAME TIME as the Cubs game AND the Bulls game) was not the best of the series. Robert Parker died in January of 2010. Before he died, he said that Tom Selleck had "nailed the character". Given that Tom Selleck has participated in writing the last three 'Jesse Stone' movies, it's too bad he hasn't nailed his Robert Parker impersonation.

But I liked it anyway.

Brandie is home from the hospital. Rumor has it her fingers itch for the feel of a keyboard and the urge to post 140 characters at a time. The Twitterverse misses her. Hurry back.

Over the weekend? Lawn mowed. Electrical mystery solved (#3 son pulled a 6 banger socket plate out of the wall in the garage when he pulled the lawn mower out). Breakfast on Sunday morning with LM and Bitsy. Picture excursion taken to the one lane bridge that will eventually be gone from our environs. (see picture below) The bridge will eventually be replaced by a modern, two lane bridge that will have no where near the charm and character of this old iron bridge. There is a movement afoot to retain the bridge as a footbridge over the river. We can only hope.



Bama Cheryl said...

We love the Jesse Stone movies too. Even though your review was lukewarm, I can't wait to see the new one that we recorded last night. We go to sleep with the chickens during the school year.

Mags said...

I thought about going to the Sox/Cubs game this weekend but with the weather, it would have been a crap shoot. I am thinking of going to the Sox/Sox game next week though. :)

Big Mark 243 said...

I am pulling for the Bulls in spite of memories of Tom Bowerwinkle and Norm Van Lier! As to 'his Airness', ugh, perfidy of such a vision ever darken my sight!! But I don't want Miami to make the finals at all cost!

Wore my Cubbies visor... not into the Jess Stone movies... at least not yet..!

Tara R. said...

Thanks for the update on Brandie.

Sorry about your Cubbies and Bulls.