Moday Meanders 5-16

Go BULLS!!! Last night's game was magnificent - Chicago's defense was stifling and the offense unrelenting. Miami is a really good team - and this is far from over - I was concerned, before the game, that the Bulls might not match up well against James, Bosh and Wade. My concern was misplaced.

If you didn't know it before this very moment, not only do I live and die with the Cubs and the Bears and the Bulls, I am also a big fan of the game of Golf. Yesterday, the "Players" Championship was lost by David Toms in the first playoff hole.

I don't play baseball, basketball or football. Not anymore, at least. I do play golf, and as a player, I know how difficult it is to learn how to do what Professional golfers do at the level they do it. Given his age, the amount of time since he's been seen as a "top flight" player, and given the physical problems he has overcome through the course of his career, I have to say that David Toms earned a lot of respect yesterday - from anybody who has ever played the game of golf. Well done, David Toms. And well done that your newly rediscovered enthusiasm for the game comes from learning, again, that golf is fun - a lesson your 14 year old son taught you. By playing with you. By dragging you to the golf course every chance he had. Well done.

The new challenge is up at The 10th Daughter of Memory. I'm gonna jump into this one. It ought to be fun.



Tara R. said...

I'm more of a football lover, both American and English futbol. I don't know who any of the people you mentioned are. I hope the weather starts cooperating soon so you can get out for a few relaxing rounds of golf.

I'm going to give the Muse my best shot. The prompt was very intriguing.

Gabriele Agustini said...

I'm not a sports-person, but I always enjoy reading your blog posts.
Thanks for the info about water-based oil paints!
I may have to give them a try!!

PattiKen said...

Woo-hoo! Lou and Tara are gonna come over and play in the 10thDoM sandbox!
I'm a bit stumped on this muse, but something will come to me. Probably.

Big Mark 243 said...

The Bulls looked hungrier. The Heat's problem is that they have an air of expetancy that precludes their actual earning a victory. I know it is only one game, but I have felt that way all season...

Didn't pay attention to the Player's championship, and I am so unfamiliar with David Toms story. To be honest, I last 'followed' golf when Fred Couples was long off the tee...

Holly said...

Yay Bulls! I could be wrong, but I think my father took me to a Bulls game one time. He played basketball once in a while with some team or other, but I was too young to remember the details.

We pass a golf course almost every day where we live, and my preschooler is always curious about "the people playing tennis."

Grandmother said...

But I like Miami's uniform colors better. Good to be back in the blogoshpere.