Last Tuesday Evening

was spent in the company of some very lovely people. There was an event at a newly opened store on the North side of the city and (except for male staff of the store) I was the only male attendee. 50 women or more.

I'd like to say that offered me some advantage, but truth be told, when one is old enough, one becomes invisible, and all advantage is lost.

Anyway, I was NOT invisible to my friends.

There was


Ellyn - Brandie's Mom



As you can see, I kept them laughing all evening.



PattiKen said...

You could never be invisible, my friend.

New topic... So glad the Cubbies could come to Boston for the party last night. We had a great time. ;-)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Pshaw. Invisible? That would explain why you're at the top of our list of people to hang out with, right?

I like black and white. It covers that damn pimple that won't DIE.


Grandmother said...

Those look like fun women to hang out with.

Michelle said...

You weren't invisible. Though until you said something, I hadn't realized you were the only guy there. So nice to meet you - and so glad there were so many people to stand by Brandie right then!

Mags said...

What a lovely looking bunch of women! Such pretty smiles.

Megryansmom said...

Grrr, your feed isn't coming up in my FB anymore. Makes me have to hunt harder. Missed you yesterday. Hope everything is OK