It still isn't Belgium ...

It's Tuesday and Mother Nature still hasn't made up her mind to allow us to have a 'normal' Spring. Winter seems jealous. And given that Winter was especially nasty this year, it knows darn good and well it won't be welcome back in these parts for some time to come - so it just figures to hang on as long as possible - given the welcome coming in December.

Easter was relaxed - more or less. Our plans to attend a breakfast at #2 Son's house fell through because Bitsy and LM (Love Muffin) both have fallen victim to some nasty bug or other and it hasn't been kind to either one. This seems to be the same bug that's been laying school children low. Missed me, so far. Knock on wood.

Saturday was so pleasant - and it showed me that the only practical way to spend any time in 'The City' without taking out a second mortgage is to take the train. On the weekends, one can purchase a weekend pass for 7 bucks. Ride as many times as you like for the whole weekend. A one way trip into the city from where we live is about 6 or 7 dollars in gas (at current prices). Add 20 bucks for parking and another 6 or 7 bucks to drive home and that rail pass looks like a REAL smart decision. Of course, one must WALK, so there is a down side. But hey, I can mosey with the best of them. And a nice long mosey never hurt anybody. Of course, when I don't mosey, I sometimes amble. And sometimes I skip. But I never run - not anymore.

The first nice weekend we get I'm heading in to the Lake and Downtown Chicago to take pictures. Millenium Park, the lakeshore - maybe a trip down to Indiana Dunes State Park (Lake dunes are an extremely rare environment on the face of this Earth - we are really so blessed in Chicago - if only we didn't have to endure Winter like we do) - maybe a walkabout on the North Side to take pictures of the Architecture.

And of course, I'll share my pictures with you - and anybody who wants to come along is more than welcome - as long as you're willing to mosey. Or amble. But no running.



Megryansmom said...

I can mosey! I'll have to look up amble, I may be able to do that too. Maybe an impromptu bloggy trip to the city on the train? I'm in, who else?

Tara R. said...

The mental image of you skipping will keep me smiling all day... thank you for that.

We have dune lakes too... see yet another reason to move to Florida!

PattiKen said...

Sorry to hear that LM has been laid low with a bug. Keep yourself well, ya hear.

Grandmother said...

If you can amble, mosey and skip, you can run. Try it. you'll like it. It's fun, it's addictive.

Big Mark 243 said...

I have to agree with the Grandmother... a 'skip' is nothing but a run that won't behave!

What it is that CAN'T be done is to fall... now THAT is what getting a little mature takes away from us..!

Sharyn said...

Oh, it's so nice to run into someone who knows the reference to Tuesday and Belgium!