Sometimes ...

Apparently, I can't count. I named it as #2 Son's birthday in the post yesterday - when, in fact, it was #3. I do have 3 sons, after all, and though I have used their names interchangeably over the years, I should be able to keep birthdays straight. Two are in May - the older two - my youngest son in March. So it should be possible to keep them straight. So it must be that I had a momentary lapse in my ability to count. And, given the number of corrections I have had to make in the post, already, my ability to spell, as well.



HalfAsstic.com said...

Heh! Three SONS? You come by any mistakes in kind of judgment quite honestly, and I am just admiring sitting here admiring you for the fact that you remember all three's names, birth month and the order each child was born in!
Happy Birthday number 3!