Sarah - On My Side

From last time ...

"I'll be good. I promise. Bye, Mackey."

Sarah hung up the phone and laughed.

She walked over to the sofa, laid down, and closed her eyes. And smiled.

And now ...

"Andrea, Gandy and I are going into San Francisco. My mother is in your care until we return. Do you know where everything is?"

"Yes, ma'am ... uh, Sarah. We went over everything I need yesterday, I think. If not - I think I can improvise well enough."

"Can you drive, Gandy?"

He nodded and Sarah threw him the keys to her car.

"Let's get going then. We've got to be back here by 4 o'clock."

They had driven in silence for some time when Gandy Lewis spoke up.

"Where are we going in Frisco, Sarah?"

"There's a small gun shop right outside the main gate at the Presidio. That's where we're going."

"I know the place. That's Captain Spangler's. He got shot up on Guadalcanal."


"Yes, ma'am. He's the one who put together the sniper platoon on the 'canal that Mackey and my dad served in. Mackey and my dad saved his life. He got out on a medical and opened up his gun shop while the war was still on. Seems that's what old snipers do when they're out. Gun shops. It's not anything they're ever able to leave behind 'em."

"Well, I have to go in there to buy a rifle. Mackey says Spangler will have one for me."

"What kind of rifle?"

"A Springfield bolt action, with a bipod, I imagine, and a scope."

"That's a sniper weapon. Why would you be buyin' a sniper rifle?"

"I like to shoot. I can shoot a 5 inch group at 750 yards with a Springfield."

"That's impossible. That's better than the capabilities of the weapon, ma'am."

"Maybe so. But I do it regularly. I'm not bench firing, Marine."

"That's some insane shooting, Sarah. That's all I gotta say."

"Well, I was taught by the best, Gandy. First, Jake Bertrett and then Mackey. I'm as good a shot as any man you've ever met."

"You knew Jake Bertrett? He's a legend, ma'am. He was the greatest sniper there ever was. Well, the best on Guadalcanal anyway. The Japanese had a reward on his head, or so it's said. Ten thousand dollars, U.S. They hunted him, ma'am. They never got him though."

"No. They got him here, at home."


"Gangsters, Gandy. Homegrown crooks in Las Vegas. They ambushed him and killed him."

"I didn't know. I knew he died. I didn't know how."

Sarah looked over at Gandy. She could see the hard set in his jaw that wasn't there before. She could see his anger at what he'd just been told. He's pissed off. Good. Someone who will be on my side. Maybe he'll be someone who can help. Maybe.

"Step on it Gandy. We gotta get back by 4."


Tara R. said...

Oh, Sarah... how I have missed you. It's good to know someone's got your back.