Monday Meanders 3-21

Spring started yesterday at 7:21pm. Today is the first FULL DAY of Spring, 2011. I thought Winter would never end.

It was a busy, constantly moving weekend. Not what I wanted it to be, but things like that happen once in a while.

#2 Son and his lovely wife Bitsy are in Florida - on a vacation/honeymoon - for a week. St. Petersburg. Condo. The picture out the window was lovely. Lucky.

I drove them to the airport. At 5am yesterday morning. As I write this, I am feeling somewhat the zombie.

That was redundantly said. After all - it wouldn't have been 5am yesterday afternoon, now would it?

I had no time to do any of the lens testing I wanted to do this weekend. I have taken some test shots with the Biotar - but the best of the lenses I have is a Schneider 40mm preset that's relatively slow with a maximum aperture of f4.5 and I haven't had a chance to test it and I REALLY want to.

I just found out the next release of my favorite Linux distribution (openSUSE) is actually out and it has been since the 12th. Time to upgrade. Although .. there is nothing wrong with the release I'm using now - but I. Must. Upgrade.

Because it's there.

Have a pleasant day - a nice week.



Collette said...

Good morning, Lou! "Because, it's there" is as good an answer as any.
I'm certainly glad it's finally Spring as well. Now, if only Mother Nature would take that to heart. We're looking at some possible...snow...UGH!-Tuesday night/Wednesday with, hopefully, no accumulation. I'm staying positive. I am positive I am tired of the cold & snow...lol!
Have a spectacular week, my friend! (((HUGS)))

Big Mark 243 said...

I am still PS2 system that I got in the late 90's... I upgrade when I must and until I am disatisfied with NCAA 2006 gameplay... and it play DVD's too..?

For sure I am an analog guy in a digital world..!

Grandmother said...

Hope # 2 son and wife enjoy the warmth of FL. Yay for Spring and bring it on! I was grumbling about our unseasonably cool 50 degrees this morning but I don't expect much sympathy. The lens stuff sounds like Greek but I understand gadget freaks from living with one for 37 years. Is it poor me or poor him?

Megryansmom said...

Happy Monday Lou! Just because the calendar says Spring, doesn't necessarily mean Mother Nature will cooperate. I'm hearing snow in the forecast for later this week. ARGHHHHHHH!