Haiku Friday - Legislation

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Haiku Friday


In the Middle East
The people yearn to be free
but governments kill.

Here at home, the States,
all we ask is honesty,
all we get are thieves.

I suppose it's good,
our government doesn't kill.
All it does is steal.

But what difference,
if the quality of life
is stolen, from death?

We live on knife edge,
the whim, fancy, of gamblers
pushes us over.

It's time to stop this,
Legislate against Wall St.
Or they will own us.


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Grandmother said...

Our government doesn't kill? Unless you count Iraq and Afganistan.

Tara R. said...

I have jumped into the fray - my entry is here: Fog

We are living in a precarious time, and I fear for my children's future.