A repost - because I'm lazy

From 24Jan08 -
"There is research out there which seems to support the notion that time seems to pass more quickly as one gets older. The research was done in terms of minutes - young people and older people were asked to ring a bell when they thought a minute had passed. The young averaged around 50 seconds for their minute. The older folks (60+) averaged about 72 seconds for their minute. In other words, the minute was gone before they new it. The cumulative effect is that days and months and weeks and years go by quicker for older folks - or seem to. Something to do with the internal clock that controls the circadian rhythms in the body. Oh well. Tempus Fugit. Anyway, I told you all that to tell you this: I can't believe it's the end of January already. Where the heck has this month gone? And I haven't missed one day of blogging, yet, which means, of course, I have managed to waste an incredible amount of time and the month isn't even over yet."

The funny thing is that it's three years later and I only thought it was TWO.



Big Mark 243 said...

I thought it was because I was losing my mind as well as my track of time... still may be, and getting older isn't helping!

Shadow said...

so you lost a whole year??????? as for me, i'll be grateful when january is over, it's my least favourite month.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

What? It is January already?