Other Things, this New Year's Day.

First of all, Happy New Year.

Other things are on my mind, today. Especially my Mom, who is referred to in these pages as 'Grannie'.

Day before yesterday, she fell and broke her hip.

Yesterday, she had an artificial hip installed - or part of one, anyway.

Today, she got out of bed and walked about five feet. If you can call that walking. The point, I guess, is that she was up, on her feet, and, with help, moving from one place to another.

It was painful. For her to do. And to watch.

She's tough. I know she'll get through this. But it's so much pain.

Another thing on my mind is the fact that most of the people who read me are women. And the Doctor who operated on Grannie's hip said, "She has such terrible osteoporosis". And then he went on to outline how the women in the family should be taking supplements to prevent the leaching of calcium from their bones. And then my thoughts went to all the women who read this blog.

Don't let Osteoporosis get you. It doesn't have to. You can prevent it from breaking your bones and causing you, at the very least, great pain. Talk to your Doctor. Or your Pharmacist. Or a Nutritionist. Read up on it. Google it. Be informed.

And do something about it.



Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Thanks for the reminder, Lou. I have osteoporosis in my family. I will start taking vitamins! I think that's a do-able n.y.resolution!

Nan Sheppard said...

Okay! *takes vitamin*

Happy New Year Lou! and look after yourself too.

Mrs F with 4 said...

I'm glad that Grannie is doing well - and thank you for reminding me to take my supplement... I'm only 41, but I already have osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis. As you say, it's a family thing. And for anyone over 40, please, go and get a bone density scan, so you have a baseline to work with. It's not expensive, but you have to ask for it!

Also, osteoporosis isn't uncommon in men, either (my father had it), so, Lou, pop that supplement quick!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Thanks Lou, I'll ask my doc next visit home.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Oh, I forgot to say...

You ladies' man, you!

Indigo said...

Happy New Year dear friend! Thanks for the reminder to all us women. I'm already on supplements. I've had so many broken bones already in my body, I've been forewarned it couldn't hurt to strengthen up. (Hugs)Indigo

PattiKen said...

Thanks for thinking of us, Lou, when you have so much other stuff on your mind.

I had a bone scan, and my doctor was pleased. "You have the bones of a 35-year-old," he said.

I asked him if there was anything he could do for my other parts...

Shadow said...

very happy for grannie!!! and you know that thing about what you don't know can't hurt you?!?!?! dammit, now i can't claim that anymore.... just kiddin' lou. thanks for the tip!

Tara R. said...

Good to hear Grannie came through her surgery so well. Best wishes for continued recovery.

~L said...

Hello Lou,
Movement is good for your mom and calcium with vit D is good for my 44 year old bones. I understand how difficult it is to watch a loved one move against pain...my husband is fighting a couple bulging discs and nerve contraction. This is new in our lives and the prognosis has yet to be declared.

My prayers to you and your mom as you travel gently through this new year. PEACE and hugs,