Thor's Day

What are you doing?
I'm listening for the music.
What music?
The music I need.
The music you need for what?
What music have you listened to?
The usual suspects - Leonard Cohen, Enya, Emily Jane White.
Who the hell is Emily Jane White?
A singer/songwriter.
Why have I never heard of her?
Because she sings.
That doesn't make any sense.
Her music is great, but her voice is .... weak.
So? What difference does that make?
Because her music COULD be my inspiration, but her voice is my distraction.
That seems a bit petty, to me.
I'm not being petty. She can't sing.
So then listen to something else.
I can't. I like her music.
I think you have other problems besides a lack of inspiration.
Just keep it to yourself. I'm not interested in your opinion.
Okay, I will. Wacko.
I'm not a wacko. I'm just seeking my Muse.
Oh, well, if that's all ... have you tried Judy Collins?
No. She can't .... nevermind. Leave me alone. Let me listen to my music.
Okay. But will you drive me to school?
Jeez. Yes. Go get your books.
I've got my books right here. Why are you smiling?
Because, my dear, someday you will have children, and I intend to be here when you do.



Nevine said...

Ha! I love the spirit of this one. Truthful but still endearing... and understanding. Oh, my! I am not a parent, Lou, but I have one... no, make that two! ;-)


Jientje said...


Tara R. said...

So familiar!

PattiKen said...

This is great, Lou. I rang some familiar bells. ;-)