Haiku Friday - Gobekli Tepe

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Haiku Friday

Gobekli Tepe
man's earliest monuments
Builders lost in time

For the last 16 years, archeological teams from Turkey and Germany have been excavating a site in Turkey on a hill called Gobekli Tepe - roughly, Potbelly Hill. They have uncovered roughly 5% of what appears to be a temple complex which was intentionally buried when it was abandoned. Building began 10,000 years before Christ. 'They' seem to think that "Hunter Gatherers" built it. Yeah. Right.



Big Mark 243 said...

Who do you think built it? I had not heard about this so it catches me without my thinking cap on. Yes, I do know how a search engine works but that isn't my point to asking now, is it!

Kim - Mommycosm said...

Ooo...I hadn't heard of this yet. Did you know that I love religious and spiritual history? Especially anything to do with pre-Christianity. I do. Must be fueled by my 12 years of Catholic school. Humans were here long before Christ and SO many different cultures have interestingly similar threads.

It's fascinating, isn't it? Going to google now.

melissa said...

that sounds so cool.
what's your theory?
i'm going to check it out, that's totally my type of thing!!

Grandmother said...

I visited Newgrange in Ireland built 5000 years ago- before the pyramids. Magical, mystical place and an experience that still haunts me. I'll check this out.

Tara R. said...

That sounds incredibly cool. One day I would love to visit an archaeological site like that.