Monday Meanders 11-8

The Bears won yesterday. 3 points better than what is now an 0&8 team. That said, and although it IS, after all, a win, I am STILL not being helped to feel confident in my 10&6 prediction for the year. The Bills SHOULD have been a much easier team for the Bears to score points against. A win. A crap win, at best.

As long as we're talking sports ...

The Cubs have decided to keep Mike Quade as the Manager for the coming year and they're bringing in the former AAA coach, Pat Listach, in as bench coach. Given that I was born in the year the Cubs last won the National League Pennant, I hope that these two are able to do what none other has done since 1945 - give me a chance to see the Cubs in the World Series.

I don't think the Blackhawks are going to win another Stanley Cup - at least not this year. And not for a while.

Enough, already. No more sports.

Ah, the beginning of yet another work week. At least this last weekend was an hour longer than most of the previous ones. It felt good. Sleep.

I have been working on a few projects that have shown me, thankfully, I can still think when I have to. One has a tendency to stagnate when one is in an essentially static environment. Working in one place, rather than taking on many different challenges as I did when I was consulting, one's skillset has a tendency, over time, to narrow to the level of the skills required to support the environment in which one works. I was worried. I'm not any more.



Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

My problem is I don't watch any sports. That's an issue, isn't it?

Nan Sheppard said...

Your skills will always be there when you need them... like riding a bicycle!

Loraine said...

I'm not a sports person at all, but I'm glad you're having fun with it!