Sunday at the Barney's

It's beginning to look like Sarah wants to slow me down a bit - it may be a while before we gat back to two episode weekends. And I want to go back over the story and start to figure out some timelines for stuff and start to catalog some things so that I have reference material that can help me stay consistent in the story - no contradictions in the story, if you will.

Today we are at my sister-in-law's home in the town where Annie grew up. Annie has 3 brothers and 5 sisters, and of all nine kids, this particular sister is the only one that stayed in the hometown. Everyone else has moved away - some, like Annie - not far, but others have gone to places like Minnesota, Missouri and Arizona. And Wisconsin. Yes, someone actually moved to Wisconsin on purpose.


The Arizona sister is coming to town and bringing her daughter along. Which doesn't happen very often. This young lady is VERY smart and she is someone I enjoy talking to very much. I think she's 14 now, if I remember right, and cute as a button.

There will be food and family and Bears football on TV, so I plan to have a full day today, and my camera will get quite a workout.

Pictures forthcoming.

p.s. I know the name of this post doesn't make any sense to anyone but me - but 'The Barney's' is what I call that family that still lives in Annie's hometown - and it has to do with their REAL last name - which is NOT Barney. It's just me and my weird sense of humor.



Betty Manousos said...

Sounds like you're having a great weekend!
Can't wait to see the pictures.

Happy Sunday!

B :)

Grandmother Mary said...

I have a 16 year old girl in my life, also smart, who I love to sit and talk with. And a 12 year old boy and a 9 year old girl...well, you get the drift. It gives me hope for the future.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Have a great time. I've got food here, but no Bears or family...unless you count Paul. But we do have cricket on TV.

Mrs4444 said...

OMIgosh--I come back to visit after 30 missed posts and I find Wisconsin bashing?! For shame!!

It's okay; we love it here :)

PattiKen said...

Sounds like fun! BTW, Wisconsin makes a whole lot more sense to me that Arizona. They try to cook you there.