And the Tarot said ....

This is October, and in October our thoughts turn to the last day of the month - Halloween. Ghosts and goblins and other foul critters inhabit our milieu, and we give ourselves over to 'things that go bump in the night'.

In the cold light of science, it is hard, at times, to believe in things that cannot be seen, tested and observed. I, for one, believe in the value and truth of science and I am often thrilled by the discoveries being made almost daily - illuminating the mechanics of space and time, the constituents of matter, and our place in the cosmos.

But I also know, from personal experience, that there is more to our existence and place than meets the eye. There is this thing, often referred to as 'The Occult', that science, true science, has not touched upon. Yet.

As a young man of 20 I was gifted with a deck of Tarot cards - a deck I still possess to this day. I rarely read the cards anymore - one usually reads cards for those he or she knows - friends, relatives, acquaintances. After a while, it seems like what my sons like to refer to as "TMI" - too much information. I found myself uncomfortable with what I was seeing in the cards about people I knew - so I stopped.

For the most part.

I do occasionally read for strangers - but it is, by its nature, a rare occurrence. After all, in order for someone to know I read cards, they must be something less than a total stranger, right? Anyway, it does happen.

The thing is, I have been very, very, accurate. I know you have no reason to take my word for it and I am not going to try to convince you. I know what I know - I have experienced what I have experienced - it is enough for me to know what I have done. But the accuracy I have demonstrated goes way beyond chance, or luck, or good guessing. There is something I am able to touch when the cards are in my hands - when I have given myself over to the concentration and effort required to read the cards properly. The cards are my tool. My doorway to wherever it is I find myself able to go to 'see'.

With all the talk and theory surrounding concepts like parallel dimensions, multi-dimensional space-time, brane and M-theory, and so on, it becomes possible to imagine that our brains are wired to exist in more than one space-time - more than one dimension. There are those who believe that dreams are actually what we are experiencing in another dimension.

Look around you. There is more there than meets the eye. Much, much more. And to prove it, on Friday the 29th of this month, I am going to read the cards for someone - I will publish the results of that reading here.

If you recognize yourself in the reading, feel free to comment. On the other hand, you may not want to.



Nicole said...

The cards always required too much learning for me, but we touched upon things not explainable with other 'tools'.
There def. is something that science prob. will never be able to explain.
I would have never guessed that you are a card reader though :)
Reminds me of this one:


Nan Sheppard said...

If you learn to read regular playing cards (same thing really)it makes playing an innocent card game interesting!

Looking forward to Halloween... but I'll miss my sister witch Sharon this year :( It's just not the same on Skype!

Big Mark 243 said...

Man Lou, you are chock full of surprises!! I could prolly learn a lot from you, and I really mean that.

Worlds within worlds. That is one of the concepts that I have had of existence and as a younger man I tried to read and make more sense of what I thought. Perhaps that will be a focus of my interests once I get settled.

I will really be looking forward to your monthly readings!

Kim - Mommycosm said...

Very cool. I have a set of tarot cards somewhere from when I was in college. Haven't touched them in years. I used to go for a reading once a year with my best friend to a psychic. I can't explain why, but she was always very, very accurate.

Jientje said...

Different dimensions, that's exactly what I think it is about.

You have that "eye", I believe that.
I believe the person reading your cards should be someone you trust. I used to have a friend who read mine, she was pretty accurate too. I wish you could read mine.

Piper of Love said...

I think you are on to something, and I am intriqued.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

I would love to have someone read cards for me...its kinda scary to think about, but cool. That's lame to say "cool", but its what I've got this morning. Cool.

I personally believe that we, as a species, don't have the ability to understand it all...that there are parts to this life that future generations might be able to make sense of, but as mere animals we just...can't. I'll be looking for that post on the 29th!

Indigo said...

I have always believed there is more below the surface of what we know.

Take for example my recent experience with looking to buy a house. Paul and I loved the property and were willing to do whatever it took to make it ours. The night before we called the realtor I had a dream (shrugs I have them more often these days). In the dream we had the house and a man broke in and killed me. I instinctively knew him (dreams are like that) to be the former owner. He never got over losing his house.

I never told Paul about the dream. The next day he called me from work and told me the house was a foreclosure (I had no way of knowing this at the time, it hadn't been in the listings).

When I told Paul about the dream, we took our name off the list of potential buyers. Just a dream? Who is to say, but we're not willing to stake my life on it. (Hugs)Indigo

PattiKen said...

Very cool, Lou. Oy, we should talk. Maybe over a deck of cards...

I have had a few experiences that defy explanation, including living with the ghost of a man who died in what was to become my bedroom when I bought the house from his widow.

Calling it "an eye" is as good a way as any to explain the ability to see what others don't. I have always believed that the brain is the last uncharted frontier. Oh, sure, science "maps it" with things like PT scans, but they don't really understand it. I think so much more is possible.

In fact, i think I'll write a post about this. I'll let you know.

Tara R. said...

I've only had my cards read once. I've always been intrigued by psychic phenomenon.

Myst_72 said...

Oooh....I will look forward to reading it.
I used to read too, and much the same as you I stopped reading.

I have no doubt as to your accuracy Lou :)


Shadow said...

i totally agree with you, some things ARE beyond science, that i firmly believe. otherwise, the string of 'coincidences' are working overtime in my life!

but hey, can you read cards over the net?

CaraBee said...

I have a Tarot deck that my mom gave me about 15 years ago. I used to use them a lot, but haven't touched them in years. I wish I could say that I had a knack for it, but I can't really say that I did. I had some hits but just as many misses. I guess I just don't have the gift. I look forward to your reading!