Monday Meanders 9-13

The Bears won their opening game!! But for the vagaries of the 'Rules', they really should have lost.

Grannie gets better every day. She should soon be eating normally and taking liquids and all that other stuff that people do without thinking about it. Until they can't. She is grateful for all the good wishes that have been sent her way by all of you. So am I.

I went to the Great Midwest Train Show, yesterday. Lot and lots of people selling and buying all kinds of model train stuff. I got some good stuff, some fixer-up'ers, and some parts systems. And I got what I consider a steal. Hopefully, I'll have time to finish repairs on this set of cars so that I can publish pictures for 'Wordless Wednesday'.

It's back to work, today. The last few weeks have been really productive for me. What it had meant, though, is that I've spent almost as much time watching things from home as I do at my desk - and that has limited my bogging time.

Things should, however, settle down soon.



Jientje said...

In hope you'll get a lot more "me time" soon Lou!

moneythoughts said...

The train show interests me. I still have my American Flyer train from when I turned 6 in 1948. The locomotive is Penn. R. R. and I keep it on my mantel in my TV room. I bet you had fun there. Looking forward to hearing about what you found.

Good news about Grannie. Wishing her all the best.

Audubon Ron said...

The new rules in the NFL are a little goofy to me. It's getting to a point where everyone is protected by a rule and no one can tackle. Then I watched the Eagles vs Green Bay and it seems everyone was taken off on a stretcher. It restored my faith.

You're a good grandson.

Grandmother said...

Good for Grannie! I hope healing continues!

~L said...

better the Bears win by default then the Lions with talent and skill....living in MI with a bunch of sore losers today :)
peace be with grannie and you-ceel,

Loraine said...

Relax all you like- I can't wait to read more about Sarah though!

PattiKen said...

I'm so happy to hear grannie is recovering so nicely. It has been a long haul for her, and for all of you too.