Channeling Lou Costello

I've been a Ba-a-a-a-a-ad Boy. I have been, honestly, really, REALLY busy for the last few weeks. So busy I've not been able to get around to all the blogs I like to get around to. MAAR, you know? Last night, when I looked, there were HUNDREDS of 'unreads' in my Reader. MAAR. Had to. I'll just start all over. Hopefully.

Speaking of starting over - or actually, picking up again - Sarah will come back next weekend.

You heard it first, here.

So far, 65 ain't bad. I thought it would feel like .. oh, I don't know ... going over a speed bump, or something. But I guess it's like 22 December 2012 is going to be, another day just like the ones that came before. I didn't lose any teeth, the rest of my hair did NOT fall out, and I can still ... did I mention I still have all my teeth, right?

Today is the 11th of September - as if you needed to be reminded.

The unfortunate thing is that Islam, a religion of peace, a religion that worships the same God that we Christians do, gets the belt in all this. It really isn't an honest portrayal of Islam or Islamists, what we see and hear in the media.

Extremism. Terrorism. Atrocity. These are the tools of minority opinion. They always have been. And likely always will be.

Al Qaeda?

They aren't the first. They will not be the last.

But. There are those of us who live between the guys at the bottom, with those minority opinions, and the guys at the top, with the Position, Power and Money, that are hated by the guys at the bottom.

We don't kill people. We, by and large, don't hate people. And we are puzzled and somewhat frightened by what we see.

For me, personally, it was best stated by "The Klezmatics", a music group that specializes in 'Klezmer' music, in their song, "I ain't Afraid." The chorus states my feelings best:

"I ain't afraid of your Yaweh,
I ain't afraid of your Allah,
I ain't afraid of your Jesu,
I'm afraid of what you'll do in the name of your God."



Tara R. said...

"I'm afraid of what you'll do in the name of your God."

That says it all, right there. If we could only recognize that we have more in common in our beliefs, than we are separate.

Grandmother said...

In my Facebook profile under political beliefs: "We are all one." Under religious beliefs: "We are all one." "When we we ever learn? When will we ever learn?"
Thanks for the view of 65. I guess I'll go ahead and do it.

Melisa with one S said...

I love Klezmer music, but that's probably not surprising to you. :)

Glad you still have all of your teeth. ;)

Miss Ash said...

A) I MAAR'd recently too. *shrug* It is what it is.

B) Today is also Landon's & my anniversary. Three years. Can you believe it???

C) As usual, I agree with you about the religious piece. It's a shame that any one massive group of folks could be judged by something the extremists do. In fact, I've gotten into major arguments with good friends about how there are extremists in the Christian religion, too, who do terrible things in the name of God and therefore the whole shebang shouldn't be judged as any one thing just because there are a few crazies who do horrible things.

Alas, sometimes you can't reason with emotion.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I have MAAR'd much more than I care to lately.

Life goes on eh?

And throughout history many atrocities have been committed in the name of 'God' of many persuasions. And those doing these deeds are not doing it in the name of their God, just using it as an excuse for their actions.

PattiKen said...

Me, too, Lou, me too. But you knew that.

That day changed lives, even of those barely old to remember it. My granddaughter, who was six, calls it "the worst day of her life." And I read a story in my local paper about a young man whose birthday is 9/11. He was seven in 2001. Yesterday, he had a birthday party. In lieu of gifts, guests were asked to bring clothing and toiletries for the homeless.

Maybe they will be the generation of Peace.

Loraine said...

What I can't stand is how the media spins everything for the story that will get the biggest reaction, no matter how horrible that reaction is. They need to take more responsibility. As a journalist myself, I get really annoyed with a lot of the "journalism" I see- it's not about news or truth at all anymore, just attention.