100 Word Challenge - Jars

What follows is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, authored by the [at this point I normally offer a descriptive word or phrase describing Velvet as a play on words related to the 'Word' for the week - however, given the 'Word', the only thing that comes to mind is JUST a bit sexist, and I learned a long time ago that with Velvet, there are SOME boundaries. Out of respect, I shall not cross.] Velvet Verbosity. The word this week is "Jars".

100 Word Challenge

House Of Jars

He crossed the porch to the spooky old house and entered through the open front door.

He had felt drawn here. He did not know why.

He took one step into the foyer and stopped cold, chills like icy fingers touched the back of his neck.

Everywhere he looked there were jars. Empty jars. Most with lids on, but some were open.

The open jars made him afraid.

He felt like they wanted to consume him.

He turned and ran out the door, across the porch, down the stairs.

He stopped, looked back.

On the porch sat a broken jar.


Jientje said...

This 100 words makes me long for your Halloween stories. Loved it.

Tara R. said...

Ooohhh... just had a chill run up my back. Nicely done!

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Aaaachhhhhh!!! JARS!!

Nice challenge.

Anonymous said...

I actually mouthed the words "don't look back" as I read this. Good job drawing me in.


Velvet Verbosity said...


Of course I had a good chuckle about your intro. :)

PattiKen said...

Very creepy. that was the kind of story that gave me nightmares as a kid. But I'll be okay. I'm a big bee now. I think.

Sarah said...

Oooh, how creepy. I love it. Definitely thought provoking.

Unknown said...

Every time I read something you write I don't want it to end. Truly.

Anonymous said...

Eek - I got creeped out reading this. Very well done. I will now go and tighten every jar lid in my cupboard.

Holly said...

I can hear the Twilight Zone music now.... Won't be long until fall gets here and maybe you'll write more spooky stories!