As Homer says, Doh!

This weekend started with a b roken promise and, apparently, is going to finish on one.

Friday was to have been a day on which Sarah was publish - the first of three consecutive days. Senior citizen that I am, I forgot. Promise broken.

Saturday, she got her day and sometime during the day I realized I had broken my promise. And I said "Doh!" Then I said, "Phooey."

Today, Sunday, the promise is broken again - but for a different reason. A little too much party, I'm afraid. Rare, I know. It wasn't expected. But there it is.

You can spank me later.



Big Mark 243 said...

you know, i tried to negotiate the 100 word challenge... didn't manage to get through but I did make a post...

with all the stuff you have been dealing with, it is cool if you blow some steam off. you prolly write better when you are fresh in mind and spirit!

Jayne said...

You just want a spankin' , don't you ? :P

Anonymous said...

I have QUITE enough people that need spanking here, thankyouverymuch. In fact, when I lost Max on Oxford Street for thirty seconds yesterday, I thought wistfully of your cattle prod.

Just a quick log in to say HI! And catch up with you, Grannie, Sarah and the gang. Seems all is well... Carry on!


Jientje said...

Never mind, I love you anyway!

HalfAsstic.com said...

I know what the "You can spank me later." means!
Who's a bad boy? ;-)