Plotting Escape

It's beginning to look like we're going to have to bust Grannie out of the home ... okay, it's nothing that drastic - but it's starting to look like scheduling conflicts and other things are conspiring to run Grannie's surgery out to a month from now. Maybe. But we're going to bring her home until it's time for the surgery. Maybe. We'll know more later today. Maybe.

This is what my life has been like lately.

I think I'm going to run away to Scotland and live in a old monastery. Or an abbey. And make out with the Abbess. Yah. That's the ticket. (Thank you, Jon Lovitz.)

Anyway, things are rather up in the air right now - and of course - Grannie's room is NOT ready. Today, however, the carpeting that should have been installed last Saturday is supposed to be installed (this afternoon) - that will make major strides toward getting the room ready for Grannie.

She needs company. And WE are ready willing and able to provide such.



Anonymous said...

Like, was it Galahad, in Monty Python and the Holy Grail? THAT kind of Abbey? We might have to bust YOU out! We'll bring Grannie as backup.

NicoleB, Kuwait said...

Hope she gets to come home soon!
Things that drag on are awful :(
Wishing you guys & Grannie all the Best!

Jayne said...

Yep, will be the best thing for her if the wait is going to be so long.
Just you be careful with those abbesses, you don't know where they've been! :P

Patsy said...

I hope all works out quickly for y'all. Hang in there and give Grannie my love. I've missed her in FV. (Such a silly game, but I've made such friends.)

Nevine said...

It's so gracious of you to be there for Grannie, Lou. You know that so many people that call themselves "family" don't quite behave as such when the going gets tough. I'm hoping all works out well, and things fall together for her comfort.


Hockeymandad said...

Let me know if I need to deploy the ninjas. They'll be in and out before you know it.

Jientje said...

She's so lucky to have you guys as her family!

Shadow said...

i take it you hate 'hanging' as much as i do... hang in there, i'm thinking about you!