As in - one of these days my life is going to get back to normal.

It's nine in the morning and I haven' posted - in fact, this whole weekend has flown by and I haven't put a single word to "Sarah". Way to build readership. You know, being all reliable and stuff.

My apologies to those who have come here looking for other than what they have found. Things WILL get back to normal.



Jientje said...

Don't apologize. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, I know how it is.

Nevine said...

Life calls, Lou. I know... hence my break from blogging for weeks. We have to do what we have to do... and sometimes blogging just has to wait.

I hope you are keeping well.


HalfAsstic.com said...

Believe me! I am the last person to which you should apologize for being an absentee blogger! My track record is... spotty, at best. ;-)
Hope you get all caught up with everything taking you away from anything you really want to do!

Indigo said...

Normal is overrated dear friend. I discovered, I had one whopping entry for the month of June.

As for stories, sometimes they ferment and come to a delicious head after some downtime. (Hugs)Indigo

PattiKen said...

No matter what you write, you are reliably worth reading, Lou.

quilly said...

I've been telling my readers the same thing for the last two weeks! I think it is true though. Near the end of October when the garden is dormant and the sun leaves the PNW, my blogging will get back on schedule. I'll have tons more time then because I will have no wish to go outside!

Big Mark 243 said...

I don't think an apology is warranted. Priorities call and when you get back to 'Sarah', I am sure it will be well worth the wait!

Be well, bro!

Loraine said...

things getting back to normal... wouldn't that be nice?
I suppose I can hope normal will be sooner rather than later for me, especially where pain is concerned.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, honey! Don't worry about it! Remember? Summer doldrums? I totally get it. :)

LceeL said...

To all you guys: Thank you - you are all too kind. xoxoxox