Blocked Again

Well, not so much blocked as trying to figure out where I'm supposed to go with the story. I'm a little stuck.

I have several different things that the story has to get to - there are things I have planned that need to happen in a certain sequence and I'm having trouble working my way toward those ends.

The thing is - the characters are doing things to complicate my life. Sort of taking on a life of their own. Now I suppose that makes for a good story, but given that I am the one who is going to suffer the blame or the glory for the way this all works out, I'd like to feel I have a little control over the way the story goes.

So. I'm going to take a few days to work this all out and I'll have it going by next Friday. I'm on vacation - from work, anyway. Not going anywhere, but I plan to do a lot of late night story planning.



Grandmother said...

Natalie Goldgerg had a similar lament when her characters led her in whole different directions. She followed them and thought her story richer for doing it. Have a relaxing vacation!