The Weekend's Aftermath

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes they really are. And I have a lot of Photoshop work to do to tell the stories I gathered over the weekend.

I spent the weekend at ACEN - Anime Central - with #2 Son. If you're a photographer, something like ACEN is 'died and gone to heaven'. Everywhere you turn is another shot - another costume, another pose, another face. There's not a lot of talking between photographer and subject - just "Can I get a picture?" and the invariable answer, "Sure". The subject usually strikes a pose - something unique to the character the person has adopted - and then you say "I'd like a head shot, please? Just look directly into the lens, no expression on your face, K?" And then, "Sure".

And it's the face shots you really want.

And you get shots like these two, straight out of camera, no editing at all:

The thing is, if you watch these people long enough, you get a sense of who they are at a very unique level - some are pretenders, and they're just there to dress up, to mingle, to be part of what's going on. But some, just some, care deeply about what they're doing, about the character they are portraying, and they're there ... not to be part of what's going on, but to BE what's going on. They are honest and meticulous in their portrayal of their character. They're really into it. Honestly into it. And they become those pictures that are worth a thousand words.



Jientje said...

Wow. You captured their characters well. Like I said yesterday, I would have loved it there!

Nan Sheppard said...

THAT looks like great fun!

Grandmother said...

Besides looking like fun, it's important to affirm these young people's passions. Good for you for doing that.

PattiKen said...

Your observation that some of these folk are there "to BE what's going on" is just fascinating.

Indigo said...

If I didn't know better, I would think you just described the relationship between a writer and the characters they create. (Hugs)Indigo

Casdok said...

Love what you have captured :)

Nevine said...

Very cool photos, both of them! I like the top one because there's something about he expression that just says "This is me!" And I like the second one because of the faint smile that extends from the lips to the eyes... Priceless shots, Lou!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Are any of these going to end up as characters in one of your stories?

Love the anime hair.

Mags said...

So. Cool.

I did a little bit of Civil War reenacting about 5 years ago. I was there mostly for my friends and for the dress-my friend made it just for me. But they were there because they deeply enjoyed pretending they were who they were portraying. It was very cool and sometimes eerie.