More Meanders - Kinda

First of all, I am going to assist Velvet Verbosity for a while with the 100 Word Challenge. Go here for this weeks challenge.

Caution: This post assumes you read yesterday's post. Severe confusion could exist should you read this post without having fortified yourself with the information in the post published yesterday. And no, I'm not linking it. Because linking your own posts (especially YESTERDAY'S) just seems incestuous to me. *shudder*

I took more than just that one shot with the Lens Baby that I published yesterday. Mishi was in the really POSH hotel room and we found the bathroom fascinating. Witness the faucet depicted yesterday. The wallpaper was this shiny red stuff and the lighted mirror on one wall, the reflective tile on the other wall, and the shiny faucet all seemed to just make that room glow.

So we took pictures.

This is the edge of the lighted mirror, with the tile wall in the mirror reflecting the image of the light.

And this one is looking across the mirror, getting glare from the shiny red wallpaper and an image of the picture on the wall in the mirror.

I could NEVER have gotten these shots with a normal lens.



Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Yay, I'm the first commenter!

I love that you take pictures of things like that just because you can. Very cool. Makes me want an Orange Crush.

NicoleB said...

Those are artsy and cool.
I think, I want a Lensbaby :D!

Shadow said...

your photographic skills are developing nicely!

Audubon Ron said...

Whatever how you did it, good work.

moneythoughts said...

OK. I must be out of it because I don't get it. What is a lensbaby? And, what do you use for?

PattiKen said...

I am so intrigued. I looked at the Lensbaby web site, and, wow, what cool effects! Do you know which one Misha had on her camera?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Just a very quick glance at that first picture, before truly looking at it and reading the post, I thought, "Oh, Lord. If he caught a paranormal 'vortex' (aka camera strap), I'm gonna smack 'im."

No smacking needed. :) Very cool pictures.

Mishi said...

It's time you invest in The Composer!

Hyphen Mama said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you find beauty in the bathroom fixtures and actually took the time to photograph them. The shots are amazing and now I really do have to figure out what the Lens Baby is about! Not that I'll use it, mind you... but curiosity and all.

Momisodes said...

Very KEWL. It certainly has a modern/deco feel to it.

So...will you be getting a lens baby?

PattiKen said...

After reading Momisodes' comment, I've just gotta say it. I can't help myself. Ready? (drumroll)

So...will you be getting a lens, Baby?

(Sorry, just had to do it...)

LceeL said...

HollyATOM: Yay!! You're first!! And I love that you are. And a Lens Baby just works for me - like candy.

NicoleB: Like I said - it's like candy.

Shadow: Thank you, Shadow.

Audubon Ron: Thank you, Big Guy.

Moneythoughts: There's a link to their site in yesterday's post. hard to otherwise explain.

PattiKen: Mishi had the 'Composer'. 250 smackers. I want the 'Muse'. 150 smackers. They are both capable of very similar work.

Coal Miner's GD: Thank you, ma'am.

Mishi: I want the 'Muse'.

Hyphen Mama: www.lensbaby.com It's all right there.

Momisodes: When I can spare the shekels, yes ma'am.

PattiKen: Didn't you have a comment already?

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

do you think one of those things will work on my 2megapixel phone camera?

I thought now.

Green with envy. For the camera AND the meet ups.

Heather said...

Very cool photos, Lou! I love them!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

I love your pictures, rare indeed.
Hhm... I used to love to take pictures too,
my daughters still do not appreciate my love
for non digital cameras. lol


Sh@KiR@ CK said...

I am feeling so silly now.
I was looking for your post for Hidden,
Indeed it was so well hidden!

Thank you for hosting this for VV.
I shall return with my Hidden post.
Yet to put it together...

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Life with Kaishon said...

Stunning. Wow. I love a nice bathroom in a nice hotel :) And a nice lens! I am totally in love with a nice lens. Believe it or not, I have never bought a lens. I use what is in my kit and I am thankful :) Maybe someday!