A better day

Yesterday was the big #3 Son day. The celebration of his birthday was brief - but fulfilling. He got money (what every young college man needs) plus some toiletries and a few other things that he may or may not need.

We had a chance to talk for a while. What he doesn't understand, at this point, is just how happy one simple thing he's been doing has made me. You see, he's been working on campus, doing 'Theater Tech'. North Central College has a very active Theater and Theater Arts department - and their facilities are much used for both school and commercial theatrical presentations. He does sound and lighting, and he gets paid. A little on campus work. And he has been saving his money for something he wants. A TV for his dorm room. His own TV. He has $350 of his own money saved and he's going for more - I told him to get a 120hz refresh rate system - 60hz is too slow and he won't be happy with it. But the thing is - he's SAVING UP. Not asking Mom & Dad for the money. And that little demonstration of responsibility makes me very, very happy.

It bodes well for his future. And my wallet.



Patsy said...

Does the heart good when you know from the little things that you've done it right. I know how you feel.

Jientje said...

He's growing up!

Heather said...

How awesome! Congrats to your song, and Happy Birthday to him!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, the weather here was gorgeous! Just a few weeks before that hug :) CAN'T WAIT!

ps: my WV is porked. HAH!

Michael said...

I feel so proud of my son too, hes only 15 but all his life hes stuck by me through all sorts.
He does buy a few too many jackets of amazon but other than this addiction hes turned out good probably learning for my mistakes
Thanks for that lovely comment Lceel, I have been really losing grip on reality just lately

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...


Moo wants to move out, but cannot raise the cash.

She has it, but she blows it on crap. Hinting that WE should pay for it...

I wont have that worry with number 2 though, thankfully!

Tara R. said...

Good for Son #3! It's funny how much more frugal the kids are with their own money than with ours.

OHmommy said...

Wow, that is awesome Lou. Just wait until he takes you out for dinner and pays!

Hope he had a good bday.

PattiKen said...

I'm glad for you, and Son #3. It does indeed bode well for his future.

Two of mine discovered theatre in college, and fell in love with the tech side of things. Time has passed, and one of them has worked for years at a well-known theatrical lighting company. The other is a middle school teacher, partner in a costuming business, and Theatrical Director at a summer camp.

Theatre changed their lives.

Mrs4444 said...

Fantastic! You've raised him well.

Kyle does not have a job, but when he got his license, I told him he would have to pay for half of his insurance. Every month, he saves part of his allowance and adds to it whatever he can scrape up. He usually hands it to me in a Ziplock bag, since most of it is change, and I hate like hell taking it from him, but I know it's good for his character. (I'm saving it for him in a shoebox in my bedroom; I plan to give it back to him one day.)

Miss Ash said...