Monday Meanders 1-18

Right now I'm listening to Beethoven's 7th - the Second Movement, Allegretto. I close my eyes and try to imagine what it must have been like to be there, on opening night, to listen to the first performance of this magnificent piece. The opening of this movement - the first 3 minutes and 20 seconds - is the most emotional and evocative piece of music there is. Try this, if you can: Turn off all the lights, shut out all other sound, listen to this piece and see if you don't finish the first 3:20 with tears in your eyes. And then imagine what it must have been like to have been in the original audience - the one that attended the performance with no idea what they were going to hear.

I do shit like that. It helps me stay in touch with my emotions.

Beethoven's 9th, Eroica, gets me that way, too.

The "Turbulence" theme published Saturday on 'The Inferno'. I am so stoked - so pleased - so happy - with the respones. I am humbled to be in the company of such amazing writers. Click here to see all seven responses to the challenge. Really. Read them, if you have time.

God, I love this music.

The next challenge for 'The Inferno' is going to be, again, the same as the challenge on the Artist Challenge site. Although I'm not going to preempt the official announcement, I will say this, the next challenge is going to be absolutely amazing. Keep an eye out for the announcement.

The music now is "Ashokan Farewell", Jay Unger and others, the theme from Ken Burns' Documentary film, "The Civil War". I've been 'farming' and so quite a bit of music has transpired.

God, I love this music.

My friend Fred, of Moneythoughts, is finally home from vacation (minus luggage - he is NOT happy) and he has received and opened the tube in which I sent him a print of the train interior in trade for a print of his painting, "Two Sunflowers Discussing Van Gogh".

He's going to have it framed.

He likes it.

The music now - Mussorgsky's "Great Gate at Kiev". Such majesty.

Haiti is a tragedy of such monumental proportions it literally defies description. That said, I am so proud of my fellow man, that they have rushed, and continue to rush, to the aid of the poorest country in our hemisphere.

Pat Roberts is insane and belongs in an institution. The only deal with the devil made by anyone, was his.

Further, as long as I'm on a roll, they should retire Leno, fire Letterman, shoot Conan and go back to movies at 10:30 (11:30 eastern) like they used to have. The one guy they should keep is the Scottish dude that comes on after Letterman, Craig Ferguson.

Ah, work, work, work. The first day of the rest of the week. The only problem with weekends is they fall right into a Monday.

My ribs are much, much better. Once in a while they'll jump up and bark at me, and once in a while I have to take a regular Tylenol to calm the beasts down - but by and large they're better.

Thank you all, who have wished me well.



quilly said...

Sorry I couldn't participate at The Inferno. Moving has exhausted me -- and since my "stuff" isn't crossing the ocean with the same speed I did, I am still in limbo.

Jientje said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. How long has it been since you fell? Three weeks now eh?

Hockeymandad said...

Google Satan's letter response to Pat Robertson. It's good stuff. Just take some Tylenol first, it may hurt your achy ribs.

I also often wonder about music of that time and try to find the guy who has to dislike it. Think some jerk heard Ludwig and felt he was being a braggart? Also, was there merch for sale? I wonder... ;)

Joyce-Anne said...

Ok, then. I had to chuckle at the thought of Leno retiring, firing Letterman and shooting Conan. You may have something here. Yup, the more I consider your idea, it's good. They should take you up on this and do it. Now.

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

CaraBee said...

I think sometimes about the music of this century and wonder what of it will still be appreciated in 300 years. What of our music will stand the test of time the way that Beethoven, Mozart, Bach et al have? Their genius is humbling.

Glad to hear the ribs are better!

Mrs F with 4 said...

Meander me some more..... I'm just listening to Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2, but then I'll be going to bed with Beethoven!

Shadow said...

i'm going to track me down that music you're talking about... i also want to feel that.

and i'm glad to hear your ribs are healing!

Unknown said...

So glad to hear your ribs are feeling better. It takes more time as we get older...lol.
I agree with you. Craig Ferguson is a good host. Too bad he's on so late.

Heather said...

Music sure is incredible, isn't it? I love classical, when I want to feel emotions and the raw beauty of the notes. Glad that you are just about 100%, my friend!

Unknown said...

I'm happy to hear your ribs are coming along.

Am now running off to google and youtube.

Momisodes said...

My apologies for arriving here late. I am incredibly behind these days.

I'm so glad to hear your ribs are feeling better. I hope the pain continue to subside in the days ahead.

p.s. One of my biggest guilty pleasures is sitting in the dark with my iPod earbuds on and listening to music.