100 Word Challenge - Material

What follows is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, authored by the ephemeral Velvet Verbosity. The Word today is "Material".

100 Word Challenge


"Man, I was dyin' out there."
"Don't worry, Morty, it happens."
"But this is good stuff!! And they just sat on their hands like it was a funeral."
"Morty. Don't worry. You'll get it back. You always do. Next show, you'll kill 'em!!"
"I don't know, Sol. I'm not so sure there'll be a 'next show'."
"What are you talkin'? Of course there's a next show. You still got it. You still got schtick. You deliver a joke like nobody. You're the best. You just need some new material. You'll be back."
"Yeah. That's it. I need material. New material."

Tomorrow? More pictures from Jientje's visit.



Shadow said...

aaah, the worries of the performing artist, well done!

Jientje said...

Love it!!!
So true!

moneythoughts said...

I like this one. But, then you know that. : )

Saw somewhere where you are going on a diet? : )

You and me both, need to diet. Thank God I don't have to put on a suit anymore to go to work.

Sorry I didn't make it up to Chicago, but I think you were a great host.

Massachusetts said...

Great job. Sol's and Morty's voices rang true and clear. I imagined I was backstage at a second-tier hotel nightclub in 1950s Miami Beach.

Joyce-Anne said...

Ah, doesn't everyone need new material every once in a while?

LceeL said...

Shadow: Thank you, Shadow.

Jientje: Well, maybe.

Moneythoughts: Yeah. I don't wear a suit either.

Massachusetts: That is exactly what I had in mind.

Joyce-Anne: Yes, they do. Absolutely.

Loraine said...

I started thinking my life needed new material- then I realized I just wasn't working with everything I already have.

Momisodes said...

Very nice.

I could totally use some new material for my blog too ;)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Your characters are so bloodthirsty. ;)

melissa said...

love it!!

Patsy said...

This rang so true.

For what it's worth you were very indirectly the inspiration for my 100 words, which are finally written and posted.