Fathers with grown sons

Yesterday I did something that is special to men with grown sons. Not ALL men with grown sons, obviously. But some of us, surely.

You see, my next door neighbor thinks it's a waste of time.

My neighbor across the street was busy. So was the guy two blocks over that lived in the same neighborhood I did when I was a kid.

And that's the way it most of the time. Most of the time, when I do it, at least on the weekends, I do it alone.

"It" is golf. And the thing that is 'special' to men with grown sons, is the ability to play a round of golf with your son.

You see, the cool thing is .. having a grown son with the same interest you do, is like having a built in friend you can do stuff with.

And if he can pay his own way - even better.


p.s. He beat the pants off me. He's got a lot to learn.

p.p.s. Now that HoneyBell has given me a new header, I feel it's incumbent on me to clean up the site and get the rest of the changes made that need to be done. So things may be different, from time to time - and given my software skills, things may or may not work properly all the time, as I will be making changes on the fly with a minimum of testing beforehand.

p.p.p.s I am also going to be consolidating the 'Tastes' of Sarah into larger segments - probably four at a time. Including the stuff from yesterday and Saturday, there are 18 segments now and that's getting to be just a bit lengthy on the sidebar.

UPDATE - This post now has a title. Duh.


Nan Sheppard said...

I'm first! I won! I get the prize!

Oh, no prize?


Nice header. And yes, kids are fun when you can do more stuff with them besides wiping their noses.

Shadow said...

he beat you but he's got a lot to learn? i don't follow....

oh, and i can't see the header. maybe next time.

Theresa said...

Just saying hi :)

Elizabeth said...

How cool that you can play golf with your sons! I can't wait for my girls to be older so we can ride our bikes together for hours at a time. Right now I can barely get a half mile out of them before they are tired. Amateurs! ;)

Maggie's Mind said...

Nice header!

Also, eventually I think they not only pay their way but yours, too, right? Dunno, never been a son, but it would seem a good way for things to go.

OHmommy said...

Hhahaha, he beat you? You are right he doed have a lot to learn. Glad you guys got to enjoy the nice weather together.

Indigo said...

Noticed the header right off the bat. I'm thinking your son learned quite well under your tutelage.

I know the feeling when my daughter took an interest in reading the same authors I do. We borrow each others books all the time. (Hugs)Indigo

Patsy said...

I had noticed the new addition to the header and was thinking I needed to comment about liking it, but to be honest wasn't sure how "new" is actually was. (Getting older is hard!)

Doing thing with grown daughters is much the same. I really enjoy my girls as adults.

Combine away on Sarah. I'm enjoying her story!

Kim said...

Love the new header Lou.. also wanted to say that I am truly enjoying the Sarah installments.. Great job.

Unknown said...

What a great way to spend a weekend day!

CaraBee said...

My father in law is a fanatical golfer. As in, he probably goes 4-5 times a week, 50 weeks of the year. Weather permitting, and sometimes not. My husband is not the biggest golfer, but he goes with him occasionally. I think it is a special shared experience between father and son. Plus, it gives them an excuse to get out of the house, drink a few beers and fart in public.

Unknown said...

If Luck doesn't fail us we go golfing on Friday ( a small tournament).
Well, hubby does, I only take the pics ;)

The new header is cool :)!
Fits you perfect.

Ashlie- Mommycosm said...

It's kinda like being able to go for a manicure with my daughter. Oh, and the first time I was able to coach her softball team.

Liking the new header!

Jenny Grace said...

What about golfing with your grandsons? My grandfather does that.

Joyce-Anne said...

Sorry to disagree with your neighbors, but going golfing is not a waste of time. And, it's even less of a waste of time when you do it with one (or more) of your sons. Seems to me, your neighbor is the one who has a lot to learn.

Wait. What? said...

My husband and his dad play golf together all the time and my husband has tried to get the boys out with him, but only the youngest has got the bug - and its not even a part time bug he got of the game - so once a year he goes...

Glad you had fun Lou!

Wait. What? said...

Oh darn! Also - Love the new header!

Honeybell said...

Why that header DOES look good on you! :)

I don't 'get' golf. However it surely must beat sitting around watching TV!

Jientje said...

I'm glad you got quality time with your son. It's so precious. Whether you play golf or whatever, togetherness is what counts.

Tara R. said...

In our house it's not golf... it's cars. Something that is exclusively my men folks domain. It's been great for them and huge fun for me to watch.

Myst_72 said...

Awesome :)


Heather said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Header, and I really love that you got to hang out with your son (and it cracks me up that he beat you! ha ha ha ha.)

Unknown said...

Nan: Sure there's a prize. My love and undying affection. Is that not prize enough?

Shadow: Can't see the header? I can't imagine why - perhaps next time, as you say.

Theresa: Please do that ever so much more often.

Elizabeth: Keep working at it - they'll get there.

Maggie's Mind: Eventually he may pay MY way, as well. But for now ....

OHmommy: He will learn there's a certain protocol to playing with your elders. But it WAS tremendous fun.

Indigo: Honeybell did such a wonderful New header for me. I love her bunches.

Patsy: I'm glad you're enjoying Sarah. You're not getting OLD, Patsy - you're getting BETTER.

Kim: Thank you, Kim. She's coming along. I have to move the story along a bit - if I ever get a book contract I know there's a lot of rewrite that will have to be done which will mean covering some of this ground in detail.

Hyphen Mama: That it most certainly was. And he is such a GREAT young man. I wish, sometimes, I could do more for him, but they do manage to stand alone - he and his wife, that is.

CaraBee: Golf course farting must be done with caution - especially as one ages.

NicoleB: Thank you, Nicole - I like it too.

Ashlie: Thanks - I like it too. Yeah, coaching teams is fun, too.

Miss Grace: I have no grandkids, yet. So that may never happen. :(

Joyce-Anne: He'd rather putter in his yard.

Cat: Thank you. Cat. It's something I REALLY love to do. And thanks - i love the header, too.

Honeybell: Yes - if nothing else, It's a walk/ride through some lovely landscaping.

Jientje: Absolutely correct. Togetherness.

Tara R: CARS? Cool. Dirt track racing, maybe? Demolition derby? COOL.

Myst_72: Thank you, Gina.

Heather: Thank you, Heather. It cracks me up, too. This time.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

My husband and our two sons will be out doing lightsaber battles in the front yard.


Momisodes said...

I LOVE the new header!

That's great you had a chance to go golfing with your son. There really is something special about spending time with dad.

Big Mark 243 said...

I am envious of you... being able to share something that special with your son. But it is a good kind of envy, not a resentful one.