Friday Haiku - Much Ado

Haiku Friday

Much ado about
nothing, an afternoon of
mild consternation.

Falcon was always home,
never in the runaway
silvery balloon.

Hiding from his Dad
in the garage's attic.
I am glad he's safe.

Publicity stunt?
Maybe so. But remember,
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf".



moneythoughts said...

Yes, we are all happy about a happy ending, but if the father has a screw loose, it may not be a happy ending next time.

Jientje said...

All is well that ends well. I'm glad he's safe.
I had to Google this to read the whole story. ;-)

Audubon Ron said...

it was a diversion to mask the fact that the balloon looked like a flying saucer he didn;t want to get into trouble for impersonating an ET.

Tara R. said...

That was quite a story yesterday. I'm glad the boy was fine, but I bet he's in a lot of trouble today. I will also wager, this isn't the end of the story.

calicobebop said...

Glad for the happy ending! Hope you have a great weekend!

Momisodes said...

I had to Google the story too. I had no idea!
I'm glad the little one is safe. But I am also curious if it was a publicity stunt.

CaraBee said...

That is one crazy story. I caught snippets about it as it was happening. It sounded fishy from the get-go. I'm glad the kid's okay, but something needs to be done about the dad.

Patsy said...

A well written Haiku "ripped from the headlines". All I can do about this whole thing is shake my head and wonder why - why - why on many levels.

Hyphen Mama said...

You know how close that was to my house? Yeah, it was all kinds of dramatic! I won't tell you what I think.

Cat said...

Oh youre good!

Joyce-Anne said...

What a screwed up mess. Well written haiku.

Jientje said...

I've seen the story in the newspaper her, but they got it all wrong.

I miss you, you don't answer your comments any more. I always come back to check, but lately ... :-(

Mrs4444 said...

What a nutjob, that dad. Incredible; that he would waste the time and resources of hundreds of people like that. Shame on him for that and the lesson I hope his kids learned. I hope he has to pay for that.