Labor Day Labors

Ah ... Labor Day. I have some loose ends to tie up here - and an announcement, of sorts.

First of all, there's this Reader thing I'm trying to adjust to. I had this habit, this routine, that I'd grown accustomed to. I saw everybody's blog, every day. I knew whether people had posted or not, because I actually visited their site from Bookmarks or had seen their last three posts listed on the feeds in my Google home pages. I knew what was going on and felt connected to 'my' blogs.

The Reader works differently - or, at least, I use it differently. Not everybody posts every day, I know, but I have lost track of what everybody is doing and I don't like the feeling that I'm not so 'connected' any longer. And I don't know what to do.

Second of all, there's 'Sarah'. I promised to lay out the book as I see it going forward. Basically, it's all still rather nebulous. I still haven't reached the point where the rest of the book has totally clarified itself. That said, there is a lot of the general direction which is firmly in my mind.

Training now moves to the line shack - where there will be fewer interruptions and training will be more concentrated. There will be some intimacy develop between Jake and Sarah, and she and Jake will have to deal with the rebel faction within The Sons.

She will go to Frisco and set up housekeeping with her Mom and son. She will continue her physical training and will begin learning hand-to-hand combat techniques from another ex-Marine - a friend of Jake's. While in Frisco, she will begin laying out her plan to deal with the members of Vito Giamatti's 'family'. And that's about it, so far.

Now. To the announcement. Tomorrow is Tuesday, and as such, Tuesdays, in the past, have been the seat of "Tuesday Tale" upon occasion. Tomorrow is just such an occasion. But it will be special. The first part of the story, called "The Infinity Cask", written in response to an 'Inferno's Dare', will be posted on The Inferno, an adjunct to The Artist Challenge site. The second half of the story will be posted here, on my site. There will be a link to this site from the story on 'The Inferno'. So remember. The post tomorrow will include a link the the first half of the story which will be on a different site and the second half of the story will be here.



Audubon Ron said...

Dude, I know you don’t know this and you wouldn’t want to make faux pas, but when I first lived in San Francisco, I made the mistake calling it Frisco. A long time resident poked me in the arm and said it’s San-Fran-cis-co, not Frisco. I guess they don't want it to sound like Fresno. They get real uptight about that. You will lose San Franciscans. Nothing like Chicargo. :)

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I don't know how to help you with the reader thing. Maybe sub via email? Then you get an email of each post from each person and then you can click through from your mail program to comment if you wish?

I dunno.

I have no hope keeping up with the hundreds of blogs in my reader. I end up using my comments as my guide to where to visit :)

Jientje said...

I don't use my reader anymore either. I don't like to read from the reader. I want to feel like I'm really visiting my friend's home, you know, the "home" being the blog, it's colors and side bars and how it's made up, I need so see the walls of their homle around me. So I always click through anyway. I have a few I visit daily, ( like you) and other than that, I try to visit everyone back that has commented that day. That works best for me. Aaaah, you'll figure it out, won't you?

moneythoughts said...

I read your blog and if you feel like it you will read mine. I read very few blogs, but the few I read, I read.

Hope you and your family have a nice Labor Day.

Another summer is over.

Avitable said...

Google Reader takes a little getting used to. With 500+ blogs that I read, it's the only way I can have time to actually work and do real life shit. I use labels and folders for all of them, so I have the group I make sure to read daily, and then the ones that I check on occasionally when I have the time.

CaraBee said...

I love reader, it's more compact and navigable than the Google home page. But as a rule I only use it to see when people have new posts, then I come straight to the source. Cause you can't comment from Reader and I'm all about the comments.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I have Google reader set up, but I still use Bloglines. I'm so old school, I know. The problem with the Google is that it isn't laid out the way my brain wants it to be, so I missed stuff.


Huckdoll said...

I'm having some issues with Google Reader these days myself - and I've been using it for over 2 years. Last night I did a 'mark all as read' to almost 300 unread posts because I was just feeling so overwhelmed by the whole thing. Anyway...my issues. I hope you find some sort of inner blogging zen soon :)

Elizabeth said...

I get my updates from Windows Live so I've not had to deal with reader problems. Of course, if I happen to have a moment or two to actually visit the blogs I subscribe to then I might feel all the more connected! You've got me there Lou!

Anonymous said...

I feel you on the Reader thing-- I've been away for 2+ days and had over 800+ posts. I have folders, they really work. I have a "favorites" folder, a "read weekly" folder and a "every now & again" folder. Those who post more than 2+ entries/day always go into the "read weekly" folder cause I just don't have time to read every single post if you're posting that many times/day. Plus "news" "celebs" and "SVU" folder :)

It seems to work for me, so maybe you could try the folder thing?

I loved your tidbits of Sarah, I read them from my phone, just couldn't comment. AWESOME, I love where you're going :)

Have a good week! xo

Eric S. said...

I used to have a great reader. It worked off my del.icc.ous accunt. It's called Netlicious. Anything I save to delicious gets seen in the reader and by post frequency. You can also comment through it. The problem is that since my computer crash, I lost a lot of those programs, and have to find them again. When I do I'll send you a link.

Looking forward to tomorrow, this is going to be fun.

Maggie`s Mind said...

Before using a reader, I had trouble keeping up, but for me it has helped not hurt. If someone has updated, I see that there is an update. Then I visit the blog. If they haven`t I haven`t spent time visiting to see if they had. Not sure I get what you mean?

witchypoo said...

Horrors, thought my reader exploded today, merc retro and all. Turns out I was signed in under the wrong gmail account. Whew. The recovery is how I came back to you.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

You'll be able to keep up, I have faith. And hey, no worries if you miss out on something in my corner. I just post crazy junk anyhoo. :)