The business end of things

On Monday evening of this week, my friend Dawn of Dawn Royer Photography and a small group of her photography pals were meeting at a photo studio in Lockport, IL. She had asked me to stop by and meet with her group to talk to them about blogging. And photography in blogging. And so I did.

I had a great time. We talked for an hour and a half. They asked questions and I tried to answer them as fully and completely as I could. I think they have a better understanding of blogging, now. I think they understand that blogging, as an adjunct to their photography business could be a valuable tool - but it takes time and effort to make the blog worthwhile. And a blog isn't necessarily the best marketing tool for a business like photography - part of the marketing effort, certainly, but it can't be the whole thing.

You've seen the link, above, for Dawn. There was another girl there who has a blog open, as well. Erin Olson of Erin Olson Photography, like Dawn, does really great work and their stuff is up to look at. Go. Take a look at the work these young women do. Leave comments. Let's welcome them into the world of blogging and bloggers.

P.s. Erin also has a brochure site up at Erin Olson Photography to show off some of her really brilliant stuff. Not a blog - but worth a look.



Anonymous said...

I read all that and was once again sad that I do not own a camera.

moneythoughts said...

OK. I'll take a look.

Dawn Royer Photography said...

Thank you so much Lou!!!! It was great having you there and you are welcome back whenever you like. Also I want to thank everyone that will stop bye and I hope to connect to some new friends. :)

CaraBee said...

I would think a blog as part of a website that features their best work would be a good marketing tool. But you're right, they need to keep it current (and interesting) for it to be effective.

NicoleB said...

Beautiful work shown there.
Inspiring :)
Thanks for the heads up!

Cat said...

Oh Erin does nice work! I have seen her page!!

Lucky you for the invite and lucky them for getting you!

Ashlie- Mommycosm said...

Isn't it fun to teach people how to market themselves via a blog?! I just met with my husband's colleague to help him - he owns a company that converts diesel engines to run on recycled Veggie Oil.

I would follow your photographer recommendations any day - you're quite talented yourself.

calicobebop said...

I'll bet you were a great guest speaker! I can't wait to check out their sites!

Michael said...

love doing my vids of my hols with microsoft movie maker, been looking back at the past tonight, I think digital camera technology has just blown up in the last few years, I didnt have one till I got sober in 2004
I am glad really I dread to think of vods when I was drinking

Loraine said...

I always appreciate the work of other photographers, their different perspectives and styles and insights.

Joyce-Anne said...

I really appreciate a good photgrapher, I can't wait to go check out those sites.

LceeL said...

FrankandMary: I couldn't do without my camera - and my computer - and my golf clubs.

Moneythoughts: Thank you, Fred.

Dawn: They will come, I'm sure.

CaraBee: And they will, I'm sure.

NicoleB: You're welcome, Nicole.

Cat: Lucky them? All I know is I had a great time.

Ashlie: Thank you, Ashlie. You're too kind.

Calicobebop: I hope I was.

Michael: Don't think about it. you're sober and that's all that counts.

Loraine: These girls are fresh.

Joyce-Anne: Please do check them out.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't think of a better person for them to pick their brains with, than you! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I will check out their work! :)

Huckdoll said...

Look at you!

All speaking to a group and stuff - love it, Lou! Sounds like it was a quality night out.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

The biggest part of a successful blog is that you keep it updated. Current. A blog that hasn't been updated in four months is a blog that won't attract anyone. It has to be a living thing, like its owner.

Can't wait to check them out!