It's Tuesday and NOT Belgium

When I awoke this morning I was actually confused as to what day it was. For a moment, I was convinced it was supposed to be Wednesday. It would have been nice, if it was Wednesday - one day closer to Friday, you know.

I'm convinced this confusion arose out of my change in habit. I am off kilter. Like a washer in which the load has shifted and it's making that banging sound as it spins. I need to stop for a minute and open the top, move the load around, and start it up again. Figuratively. Because, you know .. the literal chain of events would be difficult - if not messy.

I am going to try to re-construct some of what Honeybell did for me on this site. To that end, I have asked her if I can use some of the graphic files she made for me. I can, perhaps, restore some of the look and feel that I liked so much - and which so many of you commented about when she made the changes originally. I want my header back. I LIKED the header she made for me.

UPDATE: Actually - I've gotten my files and you see the header now. I just need to fill in the functionality.

Damn. Pink X, Emily. (Cubs lost)

The 15th member of the Illinois National Guard was killed in Afghanistan on Monday. The price gets yet steeper. And I am even further off kilter.



Jennifer said...

what happened to your blog?? i'm glad you got your header back. :)
i'm sorry you are off kilter... i like that word by the way... it suits me well some days... like today/tonight when i can't sleep and am up blogging and commenting on other blogs.. but at least being off kilter for me, brought me here!! I need to come here more often and show more bloggy love and support... maybe that will make you less off kilter. I also the the washer off balance anology! very clever and I know JUST what you are talking about. and you know that would be VERY mess if you did do that... open the top and move the load around... plus it might make you more off kilter... just sayin'.

well we are closer to Wednesday... if we aren't there/here already... not sure of the time and not sure I want to know... it might make me more tired but not be able to sleep any easier... YUP!!! we are at wednesday... and damn is it late/early.. how ever you want to look at it... i better try to get some rest... the morning & kids will be here wayyyy before i'm ready for either!!!


Audubon Ron said...

Man you are discomboobulated.

Rebecca said...

I told Ed on Monday night that it couldn't possibly "just" be Monday. I told Ed yesterday night that it couldn't possibly "just" be Tuesday.

Yes, one of those weeks.

witchypoo said...

happy hump day! Good to see you have retrieved the header!

moneythoughts said...

I had no idea this blog thing could be so complicated. You do have a nice looking blog, but I never stopped to think about it.

I still read you every morning, so, I guess I will either change my habit and read you later, or, always be a day behind.

And, finally, the Cubs lose a game, but they don't lose by 3 touchdowns!!! The Cincinnati Reds should become the Cincinnati Blues. :-)

Jientje said...

Love the title! ;-)
It's looking better each time I come back, you've already got the header back, and the white and the beige work for me. But I understand how you feel, I would hate it too if my " blog look" would dissapear.

Lille Diane said...

It looks good to me, too.

Thanks for visiting me at the Tree House. Happy to see people are discovering you. You have some good looking portraits hanging on your wall of followers. :-)

If it's any comfort... I live in a near constant state of not knowing what day it is. I rarely watch TV so I don't even know what the weather is going to be for any given day. I kind of like that.

Have a great Wednesday.

Honeybell said...

Hey there friend, Holla if the "Recent Posts/Recent Comments" in the header doesn't work out, I can make a new one without those boxes.

Mama Zen said...

I hate that off kilter feeling!

Hyphen Mama said...

All day today I thought it was Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was NOT Thursday.

Momisodes said...

So glad to see your header and things resembling the way it was before.

Joyce-Anne said...

I'm all confused, it's Wednesday. lol

LceeL said...

Jennifer: Yes, Jennifer. Get some rest.

Audubon Ron: You know - I just realized ....

Rebecca: I know exactly ....

Witchypoo: Yup. Got the header - and figured out some of the colors.

Moneythoughts: Yeah - the Reds got hammered. And don't change - I'll get this posting thing figured out and bac on schedule.

Jientje: I'm even closer now - I just have to get the fonts for the posts done right.

Lille Diane: I will - and I have had a great WEdnesday. On to Thursday.

Honeybell: I'm gonna figure that out, too.

Mama Zen: Me, too.

Hyphen Mama: I am imagining .....

Momisodes: I'm getting closer ....

Joyce-Anne: Yes, it is.

Huckdoll said...

Loved your washer metaphor! Hate when that happens and the ruckus it causes.

By the way - from someone who only clicks in here once every few weeks - your blog LOOKS great. Don't fret, my friend. It's not all about the looks and tricks.

Men! *sigh*

I kid.

NicoleB said...

Templates are a mess to work with.
I always screw something up.
Hope you get your stuff fixed soon, OR change to your own domain.