I am confused

I have a post I was going to put up today that now sits in 'draft'. Having spent the last four days floating around the periphery of BlogHer, I am left with deep and conflicting emotions concerning the things I saw there and I what think I have come to understand.

It's made me think about why I blog. Not that I would stop blogging - but just 'why?"

It's made me think about things I saw and heard - and questions I've heard asked.

It's made me wonder if the whole thing didn't and doesn't miss the point.

This whole blogging thing is about people. At least, that's what I think. For me, it's not about a)money, or b)popularity or c)fame.

In the year and 7 months or so that this blog has existed, I've made 94 cents.

As for popularity, I don't know what I would do with hundreds of comments per post. It would completely change how I interact with people - and I don't think I want to do that.

And fame - if I could, I would make SWMBO famous. She deserves it, not me.

So ... what is it about? I have said it before, here, and I will say it again: It ain't about me .. and it ain't about you .. It's about US.

Which is why I close my posts as I do, with a word I borrowed from another blogger now on hiatus: Ndinombethe. An African proverb. "As I go, I am wearing you."

Each of you colors and flavors me so that each day I learn and grow as a person.

THAT'S what this blog, if no other, is all about.

Pictures and BlogHer stories start tomorrow.



Jientje said...

Which is why we all love you so much. Why I love reading you so much. To learn and grow as a person is what I have found in blogging too. And friendships, beautiful friendships.

Shadow said...

i gotta agree. it's about what we learn and give and share with one another. surely, there are blogs out there to make money (business based blogs), popularity and fame (performing artists and the like who promote their work, etc) but for a little blog like mine, i want to interact with my friends...

witchypoo said...

Yeah. But did you have fun?

Nicole said...

Like Jientje says, which is why we love you and come here.

Let all them big boys and girls play in their league with all the bloggy rules and tips.

I rather have it nice, cozy and read about you, your trips, your Life and your stories.


moneythoughts said...

I think that there can be as many different blogs as there are people. I agree with what has been said about Lou's blog; however, my blog, while I talk about my life, my art and whatever else pops into my mind from day to day, also has a mission. The mission of Moneythoughts is to shake people up and make them want to know more about how our economy works. How our monetary policy works, and how our federal government needs for the people to hold it accountable. The stuff I write about is not difficult to understand, but people must learn the vocabulary of economics. I have worked in the field of finance and investment management my whole career, and I hate seeing innocent people being made "marks"!!! I blog to spread the word that this kind of stuff must stop.

Myst_72 said...

I will look forward to reading all about it :)

Personally, I blog as a journal about what is going on in my life/my head and my family :)
And I love the friendships I have made, yours especially Lou


OHmommy said...

Looking forward to hearing your re-cap, from your perspective. It was so nice to finally meet you Lou.

Joyce-Anne said...

I look forward to seeing pictures from your weekend. I guess blogging is what you make it or want it to be.

M+B said...

Somedays I blog purely for myself, as a journal, to remember funny things my daughter says and does, sometimes just to put something out there and get it off my chest - in other words a lot of nothingness ;)

I do love my peeps that come along on the journey though so know exactly what your saying about it being about US

Suzanne said...

Lou, I am looking forward to your post, because you always put so much thought into these things.

A large group of friends/fellow bloggers attended. In seeing their feedback that they're having a hard time writing posts backs up your opinion that perhaps BlogHer does miss the mark.

I was supposed to be there. Until two weeks ago, I had airline and convention tickets. Why didn't I go? Lack of care for one of my sons. This was a good thing-because the other got sent home from camp the day before I would have left.

I am still on board 100% to attend next year's, but it is probably going to be tempered with a healthy dose of "if I just meet a few good blogging friends, I'm happy".

Somehow, I suspect that you are very happy you did NOT stay in the hotel!

Hyphen Mama said...

I've been reading other BlogHer experiences for 2 years or so. I've always gotten the impression that BlogHer is about 1)popularity 2)money and "stuff" 3)rubbing elbows with bloggers bigger than themselves that would make them more popular.

Kind of like high school.

I thought it was my twisted perception of others'experiences. Until yesterday when I read some of the Bigger and More Popular bloggers (who have made a life and living off blogging and have so many commenters, they would never even consider visiting blogs other than their favorite friends) and it smacked me in the face that you and Hot might have been the only ones at BlogHer who were there for the people and the friendships.

I get the impression BlogHer has veered off it's original path of bringing women together for a wonderful purpose. It's brought the cats out.

Hyphen Mama said...

And I don't mean "just you and Hot..." I mean all the wonderful women you met up with...who were really IN IT FOR THE FRIENDSHIP.

Huckdoll said...

I'm really looking forward to your thoughts and recap of the conference. You've made such amazing connections with all of us - for no reason other than you want to and that fact shines in your true colours. I truly hope you found all you were hoping for (and more) at BlogHer this year.

I've read a few conference posts now written by sweet first-timers and their perspectives thus far have been so unique and beautiful - the good and the bad. I'm really trying to skip over the party, pictures, swag stories and dramas to find some real and unbiased bird's eye view perspectives of the conference as a whole - they're harder to come by than it sounds :)

I'll be looking for yours in the next few days!

Patsy said...

I'm glad to see this perspective on BlogHer. I really don't know/didn't know what it was all about. One part of me wanted some of that "popularity" --- to be the one that everyone read, but then I realized that would make blogging more like a job than just a place to share the fun times and vent about the other times. It has been fun to dabble in poety, prose and photography through memes, but I know I'm not a poet, a writer or a photographer in the true sense of the words.
I'm glad you had the opportunity to meet several of your fans and people you are fans of --- I still hope that some day our paths will cross.

Now about my problem --- I would be happy to turn my computer (lock, stock and barrel) over to you. So how do I get my password to you in a moderately secure way? Do I have an email address --- I don't think so mine is simply rpbain@att.net --- Thanks in advance. :)

Loraine said...

I'm with you, Lou. Never really been the attention- seeking type- myself. If people like my blog, they like it. I read the blogs I like- I don't ask anything in return but perhaps an occasional nod of acknowledgment.

It would be nice to have a money- generating blog, but it's just so little in return for so much effort...

Bama Cheryl said...

I hadn't any urge to go to BlogHer and I think it's a good thing. BTW, how do you pronounce Ndinombethe?

Kim said...

I am really looking forward to your posts on BlogHer..

Really great post Lou.. I bet you hit the nail on the head with your after thoughts..

Ree said...

This made me smile. And Hyphen Mama's comment did, too. XX

Cathy said...

awesome post--i've been wondering, too, what's the point of blogher??? i couldn't give up my blog because of all the awesome people i've met through it, even though, at times, it is hard to fit blogging into the day. :)

Momisodes said...

And this is why you are one of my favorites.

You are as real as it gets. And after finally meeting you, I can say that for sure :)

I share the same confusion you speak of, and I'm sure I won't win any popularity contests with my current BlogHer post.

p.s. I don't have any pics with you!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Lou, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I can't wait to read more of your blog and get to know you through your writing. You're a wonderful gentleman!

LceeL said...

I answered these comments and blogger ate it- it's late and I can't do it again. Thank you all for coming here and commenting. I'll do better tomorrow. Good night.

Eric S. said...

I'm just a simple mountain boy, who found a method of expression. I was shocked at the first comment that was not family. Now I can't stop, unless the other half claims the computer again, LOL.

I've been amazed at the friendships garnered along the way.

Mrs4444 said...

I'm with you on this. If I had more than 20 or so comments on a regular basis, I would not be able to keep up, and I would lose the connections that make me want to blog in the first place. "Be careful what you wish for" is what I say to up-and-coming bloggers who say they wish they had more readership; it can cost you.

tiff said...

Lou, you are very famous in this house and in our extended family.

I agree though, it is about the people.