Talking Rocks Cavern

As I have alluded to several times lately, we went to Talking Rocks Cavern in Branson West. While in the cavern, I took some shots that I like. Over the next few days (or weeks) I will be interspersing shots from the cave and shots from the Butterfly Palace with other shots taken in and around Branson.

This first pair of shots from inside the Cavern were taken without flash - they are handheld and they are not the highest quality shots I've ever taken. That said, the subject matter more than makes up for the failings of this photographer and his equipment.

This is a structure called 'The Angel', and it's probably the reason that this cave was first called "Fairy Cavern". It's about 20 feet tall.

This next shot is the whole structure - top to bottom. All 60 feet of it. Note the stairs at the bottom of the picture. They may help to establish the scale of this structure in your mind.

Yeah. It's impressive.



Loraine said...

Wow. Gorgeous pictures! May I ask what shutter speed and white balance you were using to get the lighting so nice?

Jientje said...

Whoa!! Impressive indeed!
If you could take them without flash there must have been enough light inside the cavern then? Pretty unusual in most of the caverns I have seen so far. Light seems to affect the delicate structures, it is said? We're not allowed to take pictures even? Hmmm.
Great shots, I can even see drops of water falling down!

Patsy said...

Robert and I have never been to the caverns in MO, but I grew up visiting Carlsbad Caverns in NM and love going. We have visited several other caverns -- some small some grand. They all have many similarities --- and I find them all beautiful. When you are in a section where they turn the lights out and you feel the vast darkness engulf you, where the only sound is that of the person next to you and your own breathing. Well it is an awesome almost spiritual feeling.

Shadow said...

beautiful! reminds me of the cango caves, which are just on the other side of the mountain of my home town...

Ree said...

See, now I could probably do those caves without panic. ;-)

Nicely done Lou.

witchypoo said...

So, what did the caves have to talk to you about?

Tara R. said...

Fabulous shots! I love caves and caverns, both beautiful and mysterious.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Very impressive! We visisted a cavern in Tennessee a few years ago and am hoping to get back to on our next trip there.

And as witchypoo asked, what did they have to say?

Nan said...

WOOOW! I love these!

Have been having internet on-and-off-itis and could not see your blog. We're heading Down De Islands (again), and I am so glad I came back for one more try to see your cavern pics! They are awesome. And no spelunking necesarry.

Nan said...

or is that two esses and one r?


Cat said...

Amazing photos!

Momisodes said...

Impressive to say the least. I can only imagine how breathtaking it was in person.

Joyce-Anne said...

Wow. Those were incredible!

LceeL said...

Loraine: The first picture - ISO 1600, f4.5, 1/20th. The second picture - ISO 1600, f5.0, 1/3rd.

Jientje: Yes, there is enough light for handheld shooting IF you can get your ISO high enough. But is IS artificial light, of course.

Patsy: Turning the lights out is an almost spiritual experience. There is no blacker black - no deeper dark.

Shadow: Cool. Everyone should see caves like these at least once.

Ree: No reason to panic - until they turn the lights out.

Witchypoo: Well, there is this opening ....

Tara R: Yes, both beautiful and mysterious.

Employee: Something like - "Hey there, Big Boy."

Nan: Nope. I've done it FOR you.

Nan: Nice spelling. Inventive.

Cat: Thank you, ma'am.

Momisodes: I was so busy taking pictures, I almost forgot to take in my surroundings.

Joyce-Anne: Thank you, ma'am.

LceeL said...

Loraine: I forgot - the white balance is on 'Auto'.

Michael said...

The aeons of time are clearly pictured in these photos, thousands and thousands of years captured.
I often wish I could journey back into the past with a time machine and see what life was like

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

WOW. It must be breathtaking to see in person!

Do you have to worry about critters like bats in caves like that?

Hyphen Mama said...

As they say, "Mother Nature is very patient!"

On our cave tour a few weeks ago, we were told that one square inch of those formations takes 1000 years. I'm pretty good at math, but THOSE kinds of numbers intimidate me.

APeeL??? said...

Hey dad, the cave was more like 90 to 100 feet top to bottom. i saw you said 60. ok, lunch is over....talk to you later