SWMBO's Fave in Branson

Did you think it would be anything else?

And the fudge and chocolate are made on the premises and they are GOOOOOOOOD!



Ree said...

for a second there, I thought you were taking pictures of Frankenmuth or Mackinac Island! ;-)

Tara R. said...

It would be a 'must stop' for me too.

Maggie's Mind said...

Mmm, has to be so very nummy. Those kind of places always seem to be, don't they?

Loraine said...

Ooh yum. Fudge is one of the best things in the world.

LceeL said...

Ree: I guess if you've seen one fudge shop, you've seen them all.

Tara R: You're a girl - that would seem to automatically make you a chocoholic.

Maggie's Mind: Yes, they do, don't they?

Loraine: Yes it is.

Joyce-Anne said...

Count me in! I would HAVE to stop there (more than one may be in order too...).

Hyphen Mama said...


I wonder if the "people" and the "bird" on the roof have any significance.

Momisodes said...

Sweet heavens.

Could you blame her? There is nothing like freshly made fudge.

Jennifer said...


yup. that's all i got. and really there is nothing else to be said.


Patsy said...

Smile --- I do like your Annie.