Minor Irritations

Life is full of little irritations. Things you notice from time to time that, if you take the time to think about them, would 'drive you nuts'. But they don't - because they are usually so minor that they don't warrant much thought.


It's just that sometimes they seem to pile up to the point where they just get in your face and holler at you until you acknowledge them - which you do by expressing your frustration with one or more of them. Then they go away and fade, once more, into the background. Until next time.

Do you know the Progressive Insurance commercial where the young lady is in her insurance store with shelves fully stocked with insurance products? All dressed in virginal white, including the store itself and the shelves? You didn't miss that symbolism, did you? Anyway, she is speaking to the lowly motorcycle rider, she makes a sound to imitate the roar of a motorcycle, he says something about the size of bike she might ride - inferring a smaller, more feminine sized bike - and she replies, "More like a 900 v-twin". He is immediately intimidated and she looks smug.

The only problem is nobody, makes a '900 v-twin'. Somebody may have, once upon a time. But now? There's a 750. They could have used that number - although it's a dog. There's an 1100, a 1300, and an 1800. There's 1000cc Harleys. And bigger. And, therefore, more intimidating. And less irritating to me.

Damn, I feel better.

One down and countless others to go.

Oh - one other thing - although not an irritant. An apology. I made reference to posting frequency yesterday that might have been construed (wrongly) as a criticism of those who don't post everyday. It was not ever meant to be a criticism of anything other than my inability to maintain my reliability.

Now I truly feel better, because that, also, was on my mind.



moneythoughts said...

Not being a motorcycle person, it just went right over my head, but I did get the point. She had a bigger one than he did. People that write commercials today know their target market, and I would like to be able to reach people the way they do.

calicobebop said...

Yep, went straight over my head too - but! I get frustrated with Sci-Fi movies that throw physics out the door and create alternate laws of reality. Come on people! Get your science and math straight!

whew, now I feel better too. :)

Anonymous said...

I went to a Harley party in my town Saturday night, so my eye shot right to motorcycle.

I think working in health care has taught me how lucky we are when we are only experiencing minor irritants, instead of lung cancer or ALS.

I also believe being able to handle minor distractions and annoyances better helps us deal with bigger issues. I find that people who freak out over little things all the time are the types who have very anxious lives because they can't cope with ANYTHING.

Tara R. said...

You sound like my Hubs. I can't watch old war movies with him because he is constantly telling me that this or that plane wasn't used in this or that War, or that it didn't sound right, or something else I would have never noticed. Now, the next time that commercial comes on I have some ammunition. Thanks!

Shadow said...

little irritations have the ability to blow up one's day. real big. so rather let off steam here. i don't mind...

Momisodes said...

I know nothing of motorcycles, but I know what you mean.

Once I became an RN, I could not stand watching shows like E.R. anymore. Not only did it feel like being at work, but the actors often enunciated medical terms incorrectly.

Ree said...

We critique television ads all the time at my house. WHEN we can stand to watch them. ;-)

Hyphen Mama said...

This is HILARIOUS! Mr Hyphen and I laugh about all these kinds of things all.the.time. Not the motorcycle thing, but others. Mr Hyphen's favorite:

1980's Movie that made Tom Cruise famous: Top Gun. They're in a dog fight --in an F14 Tom Cat--and Tom Cruise says "We'll hit the brakes, they'll fly right by". When EVERYBODY knows that if you yank the nose up, you'll just continue UP. No stopping involved. "Brakes?"

Damn, I feel better! =)

LceeL said...

Moneythoughts: Yes, Fred. It all has to do with size.

Calicobebop: I'm so glad I could help.

FrankandMary: My wife, on the other hand, is occasionally frustrated by my ability to 'cope' - rather than 'blow up'.

Tara R: You are so very welcome.

Shadow: Thank you, Shadow. I feel so much better.

Momisodes: I hear that ALL the time.

Ree: TIVO!!!!!

Hyphen Mama: There ARE air brakes on an F-14. Top and bottom of the fuselage. For the very purpose of enhancing maneuverability.

Joyce-Anne said...

I've never seen that particular commercial.

witchypoo said...

I've been so lax about posting that I have a hard time keeping up with blogs. So, I didn't get to read what you are apologizing for. It's further down in my reader, you prolific person, you.

Hyphen Mama said...

bwahahahahah!! I am SO going to tease the living crap out of Mr Hyphen when he gets home.

He knows they've got airbrakes, but swears they cannot do what the movie implied.

OH MY GOD!!!! I shall taunt him FOREVER.

thanks, lou!