A bad day for an Anniversary.

Lately, it seems, those of us who use 'scheduled' posts have been finding the scheduling thing to be unreliable. I did see a notice, finally, when I went to look for help, but it would have been nice if they had managed to actually PROACTIVELY contact people who blog on blogger.

And isn't it too bad about Michael? The only thing is - I don't think the whole thing has been told yet and I'm willing to bet it wasn't ONLY a heart attack that got him - if a heart attack, at all.

And poor Farah. She was so much to so many people and to go that way, racked by pain and disease in front of the whole world, had to be horrible.

I got a phone call from #2 Son, before I knew anything about Michael. He said, "You DO know that from now on, your anniversary is going to be known as the day Michael Jackson died, right?" I didn't, at the time. I was dumbfounded.

R.I.P., Michael and Farah. Both of you were game changers.



NicoleB said...

I liked Farah a lot.
May they both rest in peace!

Joyce-Anne said...

Farrah dealt with her cancer with dignity. May both of them RIP.

moneythoughts said...

Personally Lou, I don't think you have anything to worry about, after all your years together, nothing is going to change that.

Both of these people left their mark on the entertainment world, but Michael Jackson and his music came along and played a key role in removing "the rope line" that divided our society. While we as a country are not perfect, our recent presidential elections spoke volumes to the world as to who we really are as a society. Michael Jackson and his music played a role in changing American Society and that is his historical significance. May they both rest in peace.

Audubon Ron said...

And let's not forget Ed McMahon. Not on your anniversary but he died too. No one should live like Michael Jackson. That boy was flat nuts and why we idolize a guy becuase he can moonwalk is beyond me. And I would argue that he did anything to sooth racial tension, not here in the south anyways. That's a long stretch.

It just gets me. And actor can memorize a few lines and that is equal to millions of dollars?

Bama Cheryl said...

We've had the same phenomena with anniversaries and birthdates linked with tragedy. Princess Diana's death, the 911 plane crashes, TWA 800 crash. It does feel weird.

What's sad to me is that Farah tried to use her fight with cancer to help other people. And her death is now overshadowed by Michael Jackson's because they occurred on the same day.

No one should have to live like Michael Jackson or die as Farah Fawcett did. Our prayers and thoughts go out to them and their loved ones.

Hyphen Mama said...

I am willing to bet my ENTIRE next paycheck that they'll find that MJ didn't "just" die of a heart attack. I'm guessing there were some lethal doses of all kinds of things going on.

I do, however, feel that he never intended to be hurtful to anybody, but lived the way he did based on his inner turmoil. I truly hope he rests in peace.

And Farrah... what a gorgeous soul. She was brilliant
AND beautiful.

Tara R. said...

I would much rather remember the day as your anniversary.

Miss Ash said...

I'll gladly remember it as your anniversary-- but you'll have to remember that Landon's & my anniversary is 09/11 and my birthday is on the day that that kid on the east coast shot up his college. Boo to the disturbing.

Laski said...

Game changers --- without a doubt.

My childhood was wrapped up in Thriller . . . and I always longed for Farrah's hair.

A big chapter of my childhood just slammed shut.

MommyTime said...

I'm guessing that for you, your anniversary won't be remembered that way; there have been too many of them at this point to ruin all that past with this coincidence of dates. Of course, the deaths are sad (though I'm laughing at Audobon Ron's assessment "that boy was flat nuts"), and they change some people's lives forever (like those of MJ's children), but fortunately your lives are not permanently altered.

Happy Anniversary.