My son, my son

I am amazed at my son. After getting his wisdom teeth pulled a week ago yesterday, he has taken a total of two pain pills and added some anti-inflammatory pills after a couple of days - but that's it. After all the anticipation and horror stories told by others, this kid has breezed right through this episode with very little problem. I am amazed.

His costume for the Amine convention this weekend is finally complete. Annie found some Red and White shoes to go with his custom made, 'made in Hong Kong' birthday present costume, and this weekend we found his blue wig at a Halloween Shop in a far northern suburb (which is part of the reason I didn't get to the lawn until Sunday). Yes. The boy is actually going to wear a blue wig. It sits, right now, on a styrofoam head in his bedroom, waiting to be styled. Meh.

Just wait until you see pictures.

I am SO going to show you pictures.



Jientje said...

And I SO want to SEE them!!

I am glad he got through this ordeal so well. Maybe all the good vibes we sent had some influence after all.

Shadow said...

...and i'm looking forward to seeing them. and i'm glad your son took it so well. very glad indeed.

witchypoo said...

I am phobic about dentists, but your post reminded me to call for an appointment. Can't get in until the 20th, because she will be in Guatamala doing freebie work until then. That gives me some hope that she is kind.

Cat said...

Any post that begins as this one does, grabs me. But I suspect you may know the reason behind that!

So glad the tooth ordeal went well for him, his pain threshold is inspirational!

And pictures? yes please!

M+B said...

Oh I so want to see the photos!

Tara R. said...

That's awesome that he recovered from surgery so quickly. Must be good genes.

I can't wait to see the Amine costume.

Joyce-Anne said...

Glad to hear your son is having little to no issues with pain management.

I look forward to seeing pictures of his costume.

Patsy said...

Ater the build up you had better SO show pictures.

And the young handle things so well. I know when all three girls had their wisdom teeth out (at different times) they each breezed right through it. I'm glad your son had that same type experience. (Should I add the jab men usually don't?)

Maggie's Mind said...

You haven't had wisdom tooth fun until you've had them pulled in a foreign country where many have noticeably bad teeth and gotten a dry socket right before a 5 day holiday. Glad he hasn't had that brand of fun since his way sounds better. ;)

LceeL said...

Jientje: You will. And thank you for the good vibes.

Shadow: So am I, Shadow.

Witchypoo: I hope she'll be kind to you.

Cat: Oh, yes. Pictures.

M+B: You will, I promise.

Tara R: It is so cool. He looks like Elvis!

Joyce-Anne: I'm glad, too. And pictures will come.

Patsy: What? Men don't? Really?

Maggie's Mind: I'm glad too. Really glad.

Jac said...

Your son has inspired me to finally get my wisdom teeth pulled! (Hopefully I can breeze through also!)

Ooo? Anime costume? I want pictures!

Lady Language said...

WOW - he's a trooper. I remember having all four of mine pulled when I was about 20 years old. Can't do pain meds though because they make me sick so I was doped up on Ibuprofen :-)

Momisodes said...

Wow! He's a quick healer! That's great he's recovered so quickly.

I cannot WAIT to see pics of his ensemble!

Indigo said...

I wish I had it that easy. A week later the swelling just started to go down and the bruising didn't look so bad. Then again Native Americans tend to have thicker roots to their teeth. (Hugs)Indigo

Indigo said...

I forgot to add I'm totally surprised he's going with a wig and NOT dying his hair blue. I would of dyed mine at his age in a heartbeat. (Hugs)Indigo